We’ve helped a number of our clients execute on this and the deliverables basically boil down to the following three items:


  1. Forms:

Modify forms with Javascript to provide a Opt In Checkbox (unchecked) that appears only to Canadian customers

  1. This can be done by having a Country field and checking it or “Canada”
  2. It can also be done by checking the IP address.


Which should you choose field or IP?  We don’t come down strong on either side, but generally if our customer already has “Country” on the form, then we’ll use it.  If not, IP address is better than adding a whole country field which will increase your abandon rate.


We can provide the Javascript that does this.  If you write your own here are some things we’ve learned:

  • There are a couple of different ways to do it:
    • Javascript and an API call is our recommendation.  Make sure that your code is designed to “fail positively” such that if the call doesn’t work, the field pops up and the form still works.
    • We recommend against the HTML5 Geocode approach because older browsers won’t support it.


  1. Database Tracking

We recommend 5 fields to track the results of the above.  The two date fields are a little redundant but unless you’re running low, we’ve found both convenient.

  1. Legal Optin Type
    1. Implied Purchase
    2. Implied Inquiry
    3. Express Consent
    4. Verbal
    5. Legal Optin Date – Date Consent was given
    6. Legal Optin Expiration Date – when consent expires
    7. Legal Optin Source – form submitted; individual who talked to contact
    8. Legal Optin IP Address – if used to determine country, track IP


  • Note that most of the above fields only get updated when somebody opts in.
    • In other words if Month1 they optin, you’d record how using the fields above.
    • Then if on Month2 they submitted another form, but did NOT opt in, you wouldn’t touch the fields.
    • Then, on Month3 if they submitted another form and DID opt in, you’d again update the fields.
  • Note that code can also be implemented that sets the above fields based on product purchases!
  • Note that the Expiration Date is set based on what kind of Optin happens (Implied Inquiry, Express, Verbal, purchase, etc)


  1. Sending Emails

Obviously you’ll need to add standard exclusions to your Filters to take advantage of the above, particularly by utilizing the field “Legal Optin Expiration Date” set to be greater than “today.”


Of course, the above is certainly not a full consulting engagement on the subject! Call us if you’d like that.

But hopefully this will get you going a decent distance on your own.

David Sibaja