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Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.04.24 AM.pngFresh of the heels of our major customer event, Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience and the 11th Annual Markie Awards, I attended Jive’s Annual customer event #JiveWorld17 for the first time and led two sessions regarding Topliners. Both sessions featured our success with our quarterly product series for Oracle Eloqua, the importance of gamification, our growth and programs like Boost that drive adoption of our products. It was both an honor and a privilege to share our progress since forging a relationship with Jive in the early 2010s through our transition to Oracle Community in 2015, to our present day supporting our Oracle Marketing Cloud customers and partners.


Here were some of the big takeaways from my time spent at #JiveWorld17:


Exciting times are ahead for Aurea-Jive and CX

Aurea announced plans to acquire Jive for $462M and kudos to both CEOs for addressing this head on during the Elissa Steele's keynote. Click here to read a note from Aurea’s CEO Scott Brighton regarding the acquisition. Disney and British Airways are among the brands whose customer experiences are powered by Aurea. Jive announced some key enhancements for Hosted and On-Prem customers to allow them to manage identities, improve search and break silos that exist within the enterprise. As a current customer, I am looking forward to seeing how the technology and community continues to thrive post-acquisition.


Jive's focus on Customer Success remains strong

As a speaker, I felt a sense of community among the "Jivers", employees who were our designated hosts for the event. Not only did I have a warm connection with the folks who supported me throughout the lead-up to taking the stage (Rob, Claire, Darshita, Harini) but I also was offered a cup of coffee by Jeff in Analyst Marketing when I struggled to find my Oracle counterparts. The combination of a major announcement plus your annual event could wreak havoc, but I applaud the Jive Software team for their continued focus on delighting customers as part of JiveWorld with some stellar sessions and attention to speakers.


I waited too long to attend my first #JiveWorld

In 2010, I was among the first users of Topliners as a Customer Success Manager and developed our first social group for our Sports & Entertainment customers. Since then we have managed a migration of the platform from Cloud to OnPrem, tripled our growth and onboarded new acquired companies into the fold. These are all items that many of the attendees have also grappled with and it would have been great to have forged some of those relationships as we were going through some worthwhile transitions. As the current owner for the community, I look forward to taking all of the learnings from the conference back to our Oracle team of customers, partners and employees. When I surveyed the room of attendees for both of my sessions, the majority of community leaders were marketers followed by Customer Success, Web and IT. I look forward to keeping the conversation going with those whom I have added to my network about how to plan for success in the future.





Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.50.30 AM.png

Top Row: 2007 (San Francisco - The W), 2008 (Las Vegas - The Rio), 2009 (San Francisco - The Westin St Francis), 2010 (San Francisco - the Hyatt Regency), 2011 (Hilton - Union Square)

Bottom Row: 2012 (Orlando - Rosen Shingle Creek), 2013 (San Francisco - The Masonic), 2014 (London - The Hilton), 2015 (Las Vegas - Venetian), 2016 (Las Vegas - MGM)



For the past 5 years, the most frequently asked question of me leading up to our conference is what I plan to wear to the Markies. I've attended every single ceremony for the past decade and the 11th Annual Markie Awards promises to live up to the tradition. We are bringing back the "sitdown dinner"; a staple from 2008-2012 and a first since the program officially joined Oracle in 2013. This will provide a nice opportunity for customers, partners and employees to honor our luminaries in our industry and get excited about the week ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at Modern Customer Experience and the Markie Awards. I will not reveal what I plan to wear for this year's ceremony but below represents some fun personal facts from the past decade for me as it relates to the Markies.


My 10 Fun and Fashionable Facts from the Past Decade of Markie Awards

  1. Top Row: I've had the same job role from 2007-2012 | Customer Success Manager
  2. Bottom Row: I've worn the same pair of shoes on stage from 2013-2016 | 2012 = Black Toms, 2013-2016 = Cole Haans, black with white trim (comfort first)
  3. I've only recycled my outfit twice in the program's history | 2007 & 2008 (pinstripe suit), 2013 & 2014 (Blue Velvet)
  4. Each year since 2012, new platform users have been inducted into the program! | 2013 - Compendium, 2014 - Responsys and Social, 2015 - BlueKai, 2016 - Maxymiser
  5. My first year to grace the Markies stage = 2013
  6. 2008 is the only year that I wore a bespoke shirt. Every other year was off the rack.
  7. In 2014, I had a silent role on stage = handing out the statues to our customers and partners!
  8. 2008, 2013 and 2014: No clip on bowties were used -- I've used the same bowtie, tied myself for each ceremony
  9. 2016 was the only year where I wore multiple outfits while on stage | YouTube Highlights:
  10. I have not aged in 10 years. I'm open to debate, here, but the photos speak for themselves

The Markie Awards, now in its 11th year honor excellence in data-driven marketing for Oracle Marketing Cloud customers and the employees, partners and experts who support them. Last week we announced our finalists in 17 categories via a special broadcast. Yesterday, we recently shared more details about our finalists via our corporate blog. It's only fitting that we review a number of social posts based on what our customers have told us about that special feeling of being part of the #MarkieAwards over the past year.


Peeyush Dubey - Congrats on your nomination! (Twitter)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.48.32 AM.pngCurrent CMO at L&T Infotech took to Twitter to share his excitement about being among the finalists and the fact that he cannot wait to join in the fun at #ModernCX and the #MarkieAwards. We are delighted to have Nicola Jones (BT), Mike Marcellin (Juniper), Paul Stevenson (O2) and Chris Dias (Kenya Airways) as finalists in this category for their leadership in digital marketing! More on their stores on our blog!







ID BBN - Viva Las Markies (Instagram)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.10.31 AM.png

Thanks ID BBN for your support of the Markies this year and good luck to you and your customers on Markies night on the 25th!








Morningstar - The Viewing Party (Linkedin)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.27.53 AM.png

The Morningstar team hosted a viewing party for the video and shared the following on their company page on Linkedin. Given the increase in leads delivered to sales with Oracle's technology as outlined via our blog, who would blame them for having some fun. Congratulations on being among the multiple company finalists this year and good luck on the 25th!











DX Marketing - A Nod to The Oscars (Facebook)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.31.21 AM.pngCongratulations to DX Marketing for sharing their story about reducing costs and the friction with delivering a superior experience. Our marketing team is frantically ensuring that we do not have any repeats that reference Steve Harvey, Warren Beatty or Moonlight. We appreciate the reminder!













Zalora - Behind every successful man... (Instagram)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.30.18 AM.png


Need I say more? Meet Josh from Zalora - Markie Award winner from 2016! Great marketing takes hard work and no one knows this more than his girlfriend according to this post. For more on their success with Oracle Marketing Cloud with Oracle Responsys and Push, check out their success story on our main website.







Join us at Modern Customer Experience and the #MarkieAwards Dinner Celebration on April 25th at 7pm to find out who wins and to add more #MarkieAwards memories to this list.


Cheers, Adrian

This is my favorite time of the year; the months prior to our annual Markie Awards ceremony to be held on April 26th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The Markies is an awards program that honors excellence in data-driven modern marketing and those organizations who deliver the best of their brand. Since 2007, nearly 170 trophies have been awarded across 60 categories. Enter the Markies prior to our January 31st deadline!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions!

When will the finalists be announced? March 1st. Follow @oraclemktgcloud on Twitter and visit for more info!

How much does it cost to submit an entry for the Markie Awards? There is no cost to enter!

What happens if I become a finalist? Customers will receive one complimentary pass per company to attend MME. Paid registrants may apply the pass against one registrant. No company can be a finalist in more than 3 categories.

I am not able to attend MME. How will I receive my winner/finalist trophy and flair? We will accept your award on your behalf if you win and mail the trophy to your address.

What is the dress code for the Markie Awards? Cocktail, formal, it’s up to you! Baseline = Business casual. See highlights:

What happens to my submission after Jan 31? Employees must sign a waiver to access the submission forms and supporting materials. Oracle must obtain consent from the customer to publicly share any information in the submission.

What if I have additional questions? Email


Best of luck to all entrants. See you at Modern Marketing Experience #MME17!

We have continued to see incredible growth in community engagement on Topliners and Oracle Community since our major upgrade in August

Replies.jpg2016. One of the features from that release included the ability to mark a response to a question as being "Helpful". Take a look at this conversation that took place earlier today on our The specified item was not found. space regarding The specified item was not found.prior to August, we offered the ability to indicate that an answer is correct. Now have the ability to indicate that a response to a thread is "Helpful". This is something that as a Community Manager I care about and use to help determine how we organize content and create experiences that help you excel at data-driven, modern marketing!


Our community is supported by many individuals at Oracle and for Topliners members they span across our support, customer success, marketing sales, service and partner enablement teams. I want to thank these individuals for continuing to share their knowledge with the community and each of them will receive a special badge in the coming days indicating that they are among the Helpful Topliners at Oracle:



Badge Artwork:



I will be monitoring this across the platform and expect to reward our community users as well for their contributions to helping other customers to deliver the best of their brand with Oracle.


Thanks, Adrian


P.S. I hope bkhayes gets a "Helpful" nod regarding his post. Thank you for being a Topliner!

Earlier this week we posted an article on our blog on Programmatic Advertising and what it means for Marketers. This approach empowers marketers find new customers more effectively and generate more revenue from ad spend. In less than two months, one of our customers saw a 1000% improvement in view through revenue on ad spend and 15% increase in click to visit for their prospecting campaigns. Their Markie winning story was full valuable nuggets of information about their processes, their technology and their culture that marketers can take back to their own organizations:IMG_3539.jpg


  • Be Metrics Driven and Track Everything: Customer acquisition is key for this team and they wanted to target the right customers earlier in the process. Once they saw that the audience was shrinking, they turned to programmatic media to help find the right customers. Once the data shows that you are no longer having the same impact (targeting and converting at the top of funnel), it's a sign to try something new. Ensure that your marketing automation system tracks all campaign activity and use analytics to round out the picture of what online assets also drive campaign response.


  • Know your customer and build a richer profile: This organization focused on customers in their Member Program segment, an elite program for customers. They had some key verticals in mind to go after based on past experience (Healthcare, Education) and known profiles in the marketing automation system. They needed to create a richer profile that combined other attributes outside of what is typically offered between a two way marketing conversation between a customer and buyer. With Oracle BlueKai DMP, they were able to profile the target audience in ways that were not previously possible. For one audience, they were able to deduce that "executives" with "high spending capacity" were also "frequent domestic flyers". They created an audience that contained domestic flyers for certain routes and focused programmatic efforts on this audience which proved to be very successful for them.


  • Integrate and Iterate: They connected their website, the data management platform, their data services partner and several campaign exchanges with analytics at every stage for real-time analysis and optimization. The DMP's Workspace functionality was key to combine analytics from multiple sources tracking campaign success onto a single platform The analytics were then pushed through the Funnel Analysis tool (also in the DMP) to optimize the cookie pool. Lookalike Tactics enabled this customer to look at visitors on their most desired landing pages and target people interested in their products. They also ran detailed analytics on every audience they created (including the one for frequent flyers) and dropped ones that did not perform well in terms of media consumption (click to view). The ones that performed well were then amplified and fed back into the DMP to help find new customers.


Over a period of two months, this company was able to incorporate programmatic marketing into their DNA and achieve awesome results.  They credit Oracle's Customer Support, internal creative teams and agencies with enabling them to marry the data and content together in a meaningful way. Their 2015 Markie winning submission included a promise: committing to using Oracle's Eloqua and DMP closer to acquire new customers in a targeted manner and drive the same level of personalization throughout the customer journey. We will announce the 2016 Markie Finalists on March 22nd and I look forward to seeing if this team has kept their promise.


The Markie Awards celebrate excellence in Modern Marketing. The 10th Annual Markies are scheduled for April 26th during Modern Marketing Experience. The finalists for the 2016 Markie Awards will be announced on March 22nd! Follow @OracleMktgCloud on twitter for details!

Thank you for being a customer and part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a select group of thought leaders and influential senior level decision makers who have a vested interest in overcoming industry challenges and influencing the product strategy and roadmap. We currently have a North America and EMEA chapter for this program and will be looking at expanding to APAC in the near future! We are currently accepting nominations; please contact your Customer Success Manager regarding our nominations process.

Membership Details

This is a two (2) year commitment and participation across these areas is mandatory:

Annual MeetingQuarterly Calls
Community Participation

Customers are required to attend an annual multi-day session to discuss our Oracle Marketing Cloud roadmap, share insights, challenges and discuss priorities.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.42.05 PM.png

Following the annual meeting, customers must attend follow-up discussions with Product Management to review how their input has influenced our thinking and strategy. Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.44.27 PM.pngWe require our customers to participate actively in a discussion forum for their regional chapter of the CAB hosted here on Topliners. Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.45.44 PM.png

Getting Started

If you have yet to login to Topliners, please click here to get familiar with our community! Existing community members who have yet to update their username can follow the instructions here:


Current CAB Chapters: Please click on the specific regional group and request access to join!

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  • The specified item was not found.


Recent Updates:

North America: We are scheduled to meet on October 15, 2015 for our next scheduled checkpoint with Product Management. Below are the updates from our previous meeting in July:

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  • The specified item was not found.
  • The specified item was not found.


Europe: Our Annual Meeting is set to take place during The specified item was not found. Europe 16-17 Nov 2015!



If you have any questions about the program, please contact me, Adrian Chang-Oracle directly at

Earlier today we announced the Topliners Top 100 Alumni: the community members who earned the most points since Topliners was launched in 2011 and prior to the migration to Oracle Technology Network. It’s important that we take a minute to celebrate these individuals: they have gone above and beyond the daily use of the platform to make this list such as: sharing their stories at our user groups and forums; creating content that matters on the platform and within social media; speaking at our annual conferences like The specified item was not found.; earning certification through our academy; and being linked to our highest honor...winning (or being in the running) for a Markie. The people on this list are near and dear to me as they are represent global leaders in modern marketing: our customers, our advocates, senior executives, our technology partners and a number of active Oracle Marketing Cloud employees.


I'm happy to highlight a couple of the individuals who are among our Top Topliners who earned all 4 badges: Rohit Gudipudi and marilyncox! A simple mouseover over their names will give you insight into who they are, where they are located and most importantly: why yoScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.24.37 PM.pngu should trust them and how you can connect with them! I've known Rohit Gudipudi for many years -- he is based in Austin and is considered one of the elite in terms of leaders in Marketing Automation. He has been part of an organization that has won a Markie and he is among those modern marketers who values ongoing skill development. His 'Me in Three' shows not only 1 Luminary achievement, but two (2) having completed the program for 2014 and 2015. If I were new to marketing automation and Topliners, he would definitely be someone I would connect with and either follow his updates or ensure that we become friends and share his updates. I'm also thankful to Rohit for also continuing to manage an active and growing local user group for our Austin community! My friend marilyncox who is among the 2015 Women 2 Watch in Lead Management, is not too far behind Rohit; her 'Me in Three' shows why we are so fortunate to have her as part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud team. Not only has she experienced the joy of the Markies by being named a finalist, but has also shared her story at our annual conference (now known as The specified item was not found.) and earned Revenue Performance Management accreditation from our Academy when it was known as Eloqua University in 2012. Marilyn is among our most active employees on Topliners; the community allows her to create content and share expertise around how other industries are making strides with digital marketing. It is no wonder that she continues to be sought after by future advocates, our sales team and executives as to how to help organizations adopt modern marketing! The next time that you browse over a name across any space or list on the community be sure to look for where they live, their points, their 'Me in Three' and drop them a line or follow them, especially if they are on this Top 100 list.


I'll shut down this post with 1 final remark: it is great to see people like  heatherfoeh Lauren Harper-Oracle and Leigh.Burke-Oracle share real estate among the Top 100. These three helped to create, manage and maintain the community experience that we have today. There would be nothing to celebrate had it not been for your efforts so my final thank you goes to you three. I cannot wait to see how this list changes in a year's time and to highlight the next Top 100 across our broader Marketing Cloud family. Over the next year, continue to look to Topliners for inspiration, making meaningful connections and sharing your adventures in modern marketing.




Our Topliners Community is constantly changing to support our growing Oracle Marketing Cloud customer community! It's with great pleasure that I share two key updates to help you acquire the knowledge that you need to get the most value from our products and services!


*REDESIGNED* Know It Section

It has been over 25 years since NBC launched the first of a series of public service announcements (PSAs) with "The More you Know" tagline. I particularly love this one featuring this television star, turned academy award nominee Will Smith regarding his PSA from 1990:



At the Marketing Cloud we believe the more our customers know about our offerings, the further they will go towards maximizing their usage of our products and services to serve their customers. Previously, this area only contained resources from one of our products and now it has been expanded to include our core products under the Oracle Marketing Cloud umbrella. Now all customers have a centralized place on our community to access Help resources like product documentation and the schedule for product releases for your products!


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.49.33 PM.png



*NEW* Release Resource Centers for ALL Oracle Marketing Cloud Customers

We are constantly innovating how our products work to serve the needs of our customers. To ensure that we consistently communicate the changes to our customers, we have created resource centers for customers to access information that is specific to their product and where it lives in our cloud. Customers are encouraged to join their Insiders groups for the products that they use to gain access to updated Release Resource Centers. On the The specified item was not found. tab, you will see Release and Help Center links for each of the products in the Marketing Cloud family. Topliners content is open to the community en masse, but we have created Insiders groups to allow customers to enter and subscribe to get the content that should stay within the family (that is our customers!). If you click on the The specified item was not found. tab and are prevented from accessing the documentation that you need, you must join the right insiders group first and they are listed here:  Responsys Insiders | Eloqua Insiders | The specified item was not found. | Oracle Content Marketing Insiders


Drop us a line at to let us know what you think about the recent changes. You may also contact me directly at anytime.




Adrian Chang-Oracle

We Love Our Flair!

Posted by Adrian Chang-Oracle Sep 15, 2015

flair.jpgLook no further than Office Space to find the origin of our love affair with "Flair". Customers and Oracle Marketing Cloud employees have embraced Flair to showcase their personalities and collect mementos from their favorite events over the years. I have multiple lanyards full of Flair and deciding which pieces to add and subtract always proves to be a worthwhile experience before I head off to another event. Collecting, exchanging and sharing flair is all part of the fun of being part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our customers also feel the same way about Flair as I do, often citing regret over not picking up a limited edition piece that is tied to our events. I remember when we released our "Overachiever" pins that were only available during our continuing education sessions from our Modern Marketing Experience event in April 2015. I had the pleasure of handing out a few of these to recognize customers who asked questions during our education sessions. Following my first education session, I received numerous requests from customers for this flair and luckily I was able to fulfill requests for our limited edition pieces shortly following that event. I am also very proud that all Markies Winners and Finalists receive their very own piece of flair to wear with pride following the awards ceremony each year.


The next time that you see us at one of our events, check out the "Flair" that we have on display, seek out another marketer with Flair and strike up a conversation. Depending on how that conversation goes, feel feel to make a "Flair trade" and exchange pieces from past events. We love this tradition and we hope that you embrace it as well.




For those of you who are about to run out of lanyard space, check out the great tips below from Jocelyn Brown-Oracle.






5 tips for managing flair for your next Modern Marketing Event

Jocelyn Brown-Oracle


Among the many things that I love about my job is the chance to attend our modern marketing events around the globe.  This week I took a few minutes to update and rearrange the flair on my trusty travel lanyard in preparation for the Sydney Modern Marketing Tour.  I was able to weave in some new pins from Modern Marketing Experience in Vegas and retire some point in time pieces like those from last year’s Modern Marketing Tours.  There are not exactly the requisite 37 pieces of flair from Office Space due to space constraints but I do manage to keep it around 25.  There is a good balance of nostalgia, a record of where I have been, and a solid display of the wittiness of our partners.

I received a number of compliments on my flair at MME this year and thought that I should share my approach to flair management.  It is really never too early to start preparing for the next Modern Marketing experience.

  1. Store your flair’ed lanyard in your suit case. This will help you avoid that heart sinking feeling when you show up at an Oracle Marketing Cloud event without proper flair.  You can often improvise with the flair available there but it will show.
  2. Put your larger and/or oddly shaped flare closer to the bottom of the lanyard.  It will help anchor the lanyard so that it is not flipping around and reduce the potential for ‘flair rub’ on your neck.
  3. When attending MME wear both your travel lanyard and the one supplied so that you can pick up the newest flair to be incorporated at a later date.  This double lanyard set up allows you to stock up without having to make the agonizing decision of what to swap out to make room.
  4. Don’t miss the flair at the partner booths. Some of the best flair has been produced by our very clever partners (though I have lost my I *heart* Program Builder button….if you have one I have some limited edition flair to trade.)
  5. Trade flair for flair.  If you run into someone who has some unique flair that you like consider a trade.  I was able to pick up some great MME Europe flair by offering some unique North American tour stop flair.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with a fellow attendee.

Just a few tips to help you make the most of your OMC flair collection.  For those of you who know me, you know that being in a room with our customers and partners is like Disney World for me.  So in that Disney World tradition of trading pins, I am happy to share my flair with other attendees….except my Markie pin.  That one you have to earn.

dream.jpgDreams are the are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Marketers often dream while they are awake during moments of brilliant inspiration and extreme frustration when thinking about how to reach their existing customers and attract new ones. There are multiple ways for our customers to share their ideas with the Oracle Marketing Cloud today through support, your customer success team, your partners, surveys, events, social and even in direct conversations with product management. All of these avenues are awesome and will continue to exist, however  we have not had a vehicle to allow customers to collaborate on ideas with each other as well as with the Oracle Marketing Cloud in an open forum, until now...


I'm very excited to announce the launch of Dream It where modern marketers can create, vote-up/down and share commentary with their fellow peers and have a direct line to our Products team at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our customers are encouraged to share their recommendations, ask questions and vote, vote, vote! Use this opportunity to join in the conversation and enable us to help you get the most value out of our products.

Submitting an idea is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create: Go to Actions on the Dream It page and select Create Idea
  2. Compose: Create a short title and a brief description of the idea
  3. Categorize and Post: Be sure to select the right category (Oracle Marketing Cloud Product)  and submit it!


Voting for ideas is even easier - you can vote in either direction based on the idea submitted:






Hello fellow Topliners!


Today of all days happens to be my birthday and I thought it would be great to highlight something we have been cooking up to highlight Topliners' top members prior to joining the Oracle Technology Network in Feb 2015. We have been listening to your feedback regarding your points and the leaderboard for Topliners on Oracle Technology Network and are happy to announce that we will be awarding Alumni badges to our top "Topliners". That's right Alumni badges for those who previously occupied the top 100, top 50, top 25 and top 10 positions on the leaderboard prior to the migration earlier this year! We will be rolling out these badges in phases throughout June. This is very exciting and am very happy to have this opportunity to share this with you.

Alumni Badges.jpg

The point scale is as follows:

  • Top 10: 2500 points
  • Top 25: 1000 points
  • Top 50: 500 points
  • Top 100: 200 points


If you are in the Top 10 or Top 25 - you will receive the previous badges. We looked at the list and feel this is a great way to highlight some of our members who built up tremendous social capital on Topliners. I will be revealing who those special members are in another post. Until then, keep Toplining!




Adrian Chang-Oracle

The Markies

Posted by Adrian Chang-Oracle Feb 5, 2015

I remember the first Markie Awards as if it were yesterday. We gave out 6 awards in a decked out lounge at the W Hotel in San Francisco. My best guess would be 200 attendees at the most and maybe a handful of submissions. In the many years that have followed, it has been exciting to see how these awards have grown and have continued to impact our customers. Since 2007, the projected growth of the number of live attendees is 10x, we now celebrate excellence in modern marketing across 20 categories and continue to see positive growth in the number of customers submitting for these awards. The Markie Awards are industry awards -- and it's great to see it's scope go beyond just marketing automation to truly embrace excellence in digital marketing.


The judges are quickly turning in their picks for the finalists and we cannot wait to share this information with you. I would love to hear from customers who have submitted for this year's awards that will take place at Modern Marketing Experience in March (see post below). What would it mean to you if you were to win this year?


What would it mean to you and your team if you won a Markie in 2015?

Welcome to Topliners!

Topliners is the largest community of modern marketing professionals in the world! Moving over 1 million assets over to the Oracle Technology Network was no easy task. It is my job to ensure you feel welcome as this is the home for modern marketers like you. To access the community, please use your Oracle Account login (SSO) or create a profile at today then come back to To help you settle in I wanted to take a moment to highlight some things that you can do to while you are here. Check out this guide to help you get acquainted with the community on OTN -Oracle Community – How To FAQ.


Feel free to connect with me and enjoy your stay!



Adrian Chang-Oracle


Need Help? is the lifeline to ensure that you are able to get online with the community!


Key things that you should do right away:

  • Visit the Portal for Customers! The specified item was not found.
  • You are more than just a number: Be sure to update your Profile on Topliners. Go to the drop down and select “Edit Profile”.Go to the second tab which is “Your Profile” and update your username. It will take you to to make the update. Once that is completed, upon your next login, you should see an updated username! Add a skill, your photo and some details about you so the members of the community can get to know you!
  • Bookmark your favorite pieces of content and add them to profile
  • Search for content, blogs, places, discussions via the search bar! You can find content focused on Topliners or across the broader Oracle community
  • Be friends with moniquevdb-Oracle - she's awesome and knows everything and everything about this community space
  • Engage and Earn Points: this is a great way to show your smarts with the rest of the community


Favorite Places: Bookmark the following areas or make a Connections Stream or Email Stream to stay in the loop!

  • For customers who want information about their specific products and releases? Start here (Eloqua Insiders, Responsys Insiders and Oracle Content Marketing Insider/customer info is here, Oracle DMP coming soon!)
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Success - Home of the Marketing Cloud Success Program
  • Need inspiration? Big ideas and trends go here: The specified item was not found.
  • Share your successes and approaches with marketing technology here: The specified item was not found.
  • More technical knowledge requests and discussions: The specified item was not found.
  • All about API, integration, connecting with developers: Code It
  • Inquire about best practices, product documents and connect with experts here: The specified item was not found.
  • Access the Oracle Marketing Cloud's ecosystem of applications for marketers here! The specified item was not found.
  • Gain skills and experience: Oracle University - CX Marketing Education


Helpful Materials:

Oracle Community Guide

Topliners Quick Start Guide


For legacy Topliners users: Note that over 50,000 documents were moved to OTN and they have new URLs. Redirects are not in place, however if you have bookmarked these links in your browser or have an old link that takes you to the main Topliners homepage, this link will help you. The specified item was not found.

Adrian Chang-Oracle

The 2015 Markies!

Posted by Adrian Chang-Oracle Jan 22, 2015

T’was the day before the Markie’s due date..

And everyone is moving fast and swift;

To get their submissions in by the 23rd;

However, we won’t check until the 25th.


Please take that hint and do not despair;

The judging will be thorough, complete and fair.

Include quotes, metrics and focus on the story;

And await Last Vegas to see if you have Markie glory!