I remember the first Markie Awards as if it were yesterday. We gave out 6 awards in a decked out lounge at the W Hotel in San Francisco. My best guess would be 200 attendees at the most and maybe a handful of submissions. In the many years that have followed, it has been exciting to see how these awards have grown and have continued to impact our customers. Since 2007, the projected growth of the number of live attendees is 10x, we now celebrate excellence in modern marketing across 20 categories and continue to see positive growth in the number of customers submitting for these awards. The Markie Awards are industry awards -- and it's great to see it's scope go beyond just marketing automation to truly embrace excellence in digital marketing.


The judges are quickly turning in their picks for the finalists and we cannot wait to share this information with you. I would love to hear from customers who have submitted for this year's awards that will take place at Modern Marketing Experience in March (see post below). What would it mean to you if you were to win this year?


What would it mean to you and your team if you won a Markie in 2015?