Welcome to Topliners!

Topliners is the largest community of modern marketing professionals in the world! Moving over 1 million assets over to the Oracle Technology Network was no easy task. It is my job to ensure you feel welcome as this is the home for modern marketers like you. To access the community, please use your Oracle Account login (SSO) or create a profile at http://profile.oracle.com today then come back to http://community.oracle.com/community/topliners. To help you settle in I wanted to take a moment to highlight some things that you can do to while you are here. Check out this guide to help you get acquainted with the community on OTN -Oracle Community – How To FAQ.


Feel free to connect with me and enjoy your stay!



Adrian Chang-Oracle


Need Help? topliners_grp@oracle.com is the lifeline to ensure that you are able to get online with the community!


Key things that you should do right away:

  • Visit the Portal for Customers! The specified item was not found.
  • You are more than just a number: Be sure to update your Profile on Topliners. Go to the drop down and select “Edit Profile”.Go to the second tab which is “Your Profile” and update your username. It will take you to http://profile.oracle.com to make the update. Once that is completed, upon your next login, you should see an updated username! Add a skill, your photo and some details about you so the members of the community can get to know you!
  • Bookmark your favorite pieces of content and add them to profile
  • Search for content, blogs, places, discussions via the search bar! You can find content focused on Topliners or across the broader Oracle community
  • Be friends with moniquevdb-Oracle - she's awesome and knows everything and everything about this community space
  • Engage and Earn Points: this is a great way to show your smarts with the rest of the community


Favorite Places: Bookmark the following areas or make a Connections Stream or Email Stream to stay in the loop!

  • For customers who want information about their specific products and releases? Start here (Eloqua Insiders, Responsys Insiders and Oracle Content Marketing Insider/customer info is here, Oracle DMP coming soon!)
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Success - Home of the Marketing Cloud Success Program
  • Need inspiration? Big ideas and trends go here: The specified item was not found.
  • Share your successes and approaches with marketing technology here: The specified item was not found.
  • More technical knowledge requests and discussions: The specified item was not found.
  • All about API, integration, connecting with developers: Code It
  • Inquire about best practices, product documents and connect with experts here: The specified item was not found.
  • Access the Oracle Marketing Cloud's ecosystem of applications for marketers here! AppCloud
  • Gain skills and experience: Oracle University - CX Marketing Education


Helpful Materials:

Oracle Community Guide

Topliners Quick Start Guide


For legacy Topliners users: Note that over 50,000 documents were moved to OTN and they have new URLs. Redirects are not in place, however if you have bookmarked these links in your browser or have an old link that takes you to the main Topliners homepage, this link will help you. The specified item was not found.