flair.jpgLook no further than Office Space to find the origin of our love affair with "Flair". Customers and Oracle Marketing Cloud employees have embraced Flair to showcase their personalities and collect mementos from their favorite events over the years. I have multiple lanyards full of Flair and deciding which pieces to add and subtract always proves to be a worthwhile experience before I head off to another event. Collecting, exchanging and sharing flair is all part of the fun of being part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our customers also feel the same way about Flair as I do, often citing regret over not picking up a limited edition piece that is tied to our events. I remember when we released our "Overachiever" pins that were only available during our continuing education sessions from our Modern Marketing Experience event in April 2015. I had the pleasure of handing out a few of these to recognize customers who asked questions during our education sessions. Following my first education session, I received numerous requests from customers for this flair and luckily I was able to fulfill requests for our limited edition pieces shortly following that event. I am also very proud that all Markies Winners and Finalists receive their very own piece of flair to wear with pride following the awards ceremony each year.


The next time that you see us at one of our events, check out the "Flair" that we have on display, seek out another marketer with Flair and strike up a conversation. Depending on how that conversation goes, feel feel to make a "Flair trade" and exchange pieces from past events. We love this tradition and we hope that you embrace it as well.




For those of you who are about to run out of lanyard space, check out the great tips below from Jocelyn Brown-Oracle.






5 tips for managing flair for your next Modern Marketing Event

Jocelyn Brown-Oracle


Among the many things that I love about my job is the chance to attend our modern marketing events around the globe.  This week I took a few minutes to update and rearrange the flair on my trusty travel lanyard in preparation for the Sydney Modern Marketing Tour.  I was able to weave in some new pins from Modern Marketing Experience in Vegas and retire some point in time pieces like those from last year’s Modern Marketing Tours.  There are not exactly the requisite 37 pieces of flair from Office Space due to space constraints but I do manage to keep it around 25.  There is a good balance of nostalgia, a record of where I have been, and a solid display of the wittiness of our partners.

I received a number of compliments on my flair at MME this year and thought that I should share my approach to flair management.  It is really never too early to start preparing for the next Modern Marketing experience.

  1. Store your flair’ed lanyard in your suit case. This will help you avoid that heart sinking feeling when you show up at an Oracle Marketing Cloud event without proper flair.  You can often improvise with the flair available there but it will show.
  2. Put your larger and/or oddly shaped flare closer to the bottom of the lanyard.  It will help anchor the lanyard so that it is not flipping around and reduce the potential for ‘flair rub’ on your neck.
  3. When attending MME wear both your travel lanyard and the one supplied so that you can pick up the newest flair to be incorporated at a later date.  This double lanyard set up allows you to stock up without having to make the agonizing decision of what to swap out to make room.
  4. Don’t miss the flair at the partner booths. Some of the best flair has been produced by our very clever partners (though I have lost my I *heart* Program Builder button….if you have one I have some limited edition flair to trade.)
  5. Trade flair for flair.  If you run into someone who has some unique flair that you like consider a trade.  I was able to pick up some great MME Europe flair by offering some unique North American tour stop flair.  It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with a fellow attendee.

Just a few tips to help you make the most of your OMC flair collection.  For those of you who know me, you know that being in a room with our customers and partners is like Disney World for me.  So in that Disney World tradition of trading pins, I am happy to share my flair with other attendees….except my Markie pin.  That one you have to earn.