Earlier today we announced the Topliners Top 100 Alumni: the community members who earned the most points since Topliners was launched in 2011 and prior to the migration to Oracle Technology Network. It’s important that we take a minute to celebrate these individuals: they have gone above and beyond the daily use of the platform to make this list such as: sharing their stories at our user groups and forums; creating content that matters on the platform and within social media; speaking at our annual conferences like The specified item was not found.; earning certification through our academy; and being linked to our highest honor...winning (or being in the running) for a Markie. The people on this list are near and dear to me as they are represent global leaders in modern marketing: our customers, our advocates, senior executives, our technology partners and a number of active Oracle Marketing Cloud employees.


I'm happy to highlight a couple of the individuals who are among our Top Topliners who earned all 4 badges: Rohit Gudipudi and marilyncox! A simple mouseover over their names will give you insight into who they are, where they are located and most importantly: why yoScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.24.37 PM.pngu should trust them and how you can connect with them! I've known Rohit Gudipudi for many years -- he is based in Austin and is considered one of the elite in terms of leaders in Marketing Automation. He has been part of an organization that has won a Markie and he is among those modern marketers who values ongoing skill development. His 'Me in Three' shows not only 1 Luminary achievement, but two (2) having completed the program for 2014 and 2015. If I were new to marketing automation and Topliners, he would definitely be someone I would connect with and either follow his updates or ensure that we become friends and share his updates. I'm also thankful to Rohit for also continuing to manage an active and growing local user group for our Austin community! My friend marilyncox who is among the 2015 Women 2 Watch in Lead Management, is not too far behind Rohit; her 'Me in Three' shows why we are so fortunate to have her as part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud team. Not only has she experienced the joy of the Markies by being named a finalist, but has also shared her story at our annual conference (now known as The specified item was not found.) and earned Revenue Performance Management accreditation from our Academy when it was known as Eloqua University in 2012. Marilyn is among our most active employees on Topliners; the community allows her to create content and share expertise around how other industries are making strides with digital marketing. It is no wonder that she continues to be sought after by future advocates, our sales team and executives as to how to help organizations adopt modern marketing! The next time that you browse over a name across any space or list on the community be sure to look for where they live, their points, their 'Me in Three' and drop them a line or follow them, especially if they are on this Top 100 list.


I'll shut down this post with 1 final remark: it is great to see people like  heatherfoeh Lauren Harper-Oracle and Leigh.Burke-Oracle share real estate among the Top 100. These three helped to create, manage and maintain the community experience that we have today. There would be nothing to celebrate had it not been for your efforts so my final thank you goes to you three. I cannot wait to see how this list changes in a year's time and to highlight the next Top 100 across our broader Marketing Cloud family. Over the next year, continue to look to Topliners for inspiration, making meaningful connections and sharing your adventures in modern marketing.