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We have continued to see incredible growth in community engagement on Topliners and Oracle Community since our major upgrade in August

Replies.jpg2016. One of the features from that release included the ability to mark a response to a question as being "Helpful". Take a look at this conversation that took place earlier today on our The specified item was not found. space regarding The specified item was not found.prior to August, we offered the ability to indicate that an answer is correct. Now have the ability to indicate that a response to a thread is "Helpful". This is something that as a Community Manager I care about and use to help determine how we organize content and create experiences that help you excel at data-driven, modern marketing!


Our community is supported by many individuals at Oracle and for Topliners members they span across our support, customer success, marketing sales, service and partner enablement teams. I want to thank these individuals for continuing to share their knowledge with the community and each of them will receive a special badge in the coming days indicating that they are among the Helpful Topliners at Oracle:



Badge Artwork:



I will be monitoring this across the platform and expect to reward our community users as well for their contributions to helping other customers to deliver the best of their brand with Oracle.


Thanks, Adrian


P.S. I hope bkhayes gets a "Helpful" nod regarding his post. Thank you for being a Topliner!