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Top Row: 2007 (San Francisco - The W), 2008 (Las Vegas - The Rio), 2009 (San Francisco - The Westin St Francis), 2010 (San Francisco - the Hyatt Regency), 2011 (Hilton - Union Square)

Bottom Row: 2012 (Orlando - Rosen Shingle Creek), 2013 (San Francisco - The Masonic), 2014 (London - The Hilton), 2015 (Las Vegas - Venetian), 2016 (Las Vegas - MGM)



For the past 5 years, the most frequently asked question of me leading up to our conference is what I plan to wear to the Markies. I've attended every single ceremony for the past decade and the 11th Annual Markie Awards promises to live up to the tradition. We are bringing back the "sitdown dinner"; a staple from 2008-2012 and a first since the program officially joined Oracle in 2013. This will provide a nice opportunity for customers, partners and employees to honor our luminaries in our industry and get excited about the week ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at Modern Customer Experience and the Markie Awards. I will not reveal what I plan to wear for this year's ceremony but below represents some fun personal facts from the past decade for me as it relates to the Markies.


My 10 Fun and Fashionable Facts from the Past Decade of Markie Awards

  1. Top Row: I've had the same job role from 2007-2012 | Customer Success Manager
  2. Bottom Row: I've worn the same pair of shoes on stage from 2013-2016 | 2012 = Black Toms, 2013-2016 = Cole Haans, black with white trim (comfort first)
  3. I've only recycled my outfit twice in the program's history | 2007 & 2008 (pinstripe suit), 2013 & 2014 (Blue Velvet)
  4. Each year since 2012, new platform users have been inducted into the program! | 2013 - Compendium, 2014 - Responsys and Social, 2015 - BlueKai, 2016 - Maxymiser
  5. My first year to grace the Markies stage = 2013
  6. 2008 is the only year that I wore a bespoke shirt. Every other year was off the rack.
  7. In 2014, I had a silent role on stage = handing out the statues to our customers and partners!
  8. 2008, 2013 and 2014: No clip on bowties were used -- I've used the same bowtie, tied myself for each ceremony
  9. 2016 was the only year where I wore multiple outfits while on stage | YouTube Highlights:
  10. I have not aged in 10 years. I'm open to debate, here, but the photos speak for themselves