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Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.04.24 AM.pngFresh of the heels of our major customer event, Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience and the 11th Annual Markie Awards, I attended Jive’s Annual customer event #JiveWorld17 for the first time and led two sessions regarding Topliners. Both sessions featured our success with our quarterly product series for Oracle Eloqua, the importance of gamification, our growth and programs like Boost that drive adoption of our products. It was both an honor and a privilege to share our progress since forging a relationship with Jive in the early 2010s through our transition to Oracle Community in 2015, to our present day supporting our Oracle Marketing Cloud customers and partners.


Here were some of the big takeaways from my time spent at #JiveWorld17:


Exciting times are ahead for Aurea-Jive and CX

Aurea announced plans to acquire Jive for $462M and kudos to both CEOs for addressing this head on during the Elissa Steele's keynote. Click here to read a note from Aurea’s CEO Scott Brighton regarding the acquisition. Disney and British Airways are among the brands whose customer experiences are powered by Aurea. Jive announced some key enhancements for Hosted and On-Prem customers to allow them to manage identities, improve search and break silos that exist within the enterprise. As a current customer, I am looking forward to seeing how the technology and community continues to thrive post-acquisition.


Jive's focus on Customer Success remains strong

As a speaker, I felt a sense of community among the "Jivers", employees who were our designated hosts for the event. Not only did I have a warm connection with the folks who supported me throughout the lead-up to taking the stage (Rob, Claire, Darshita, Harini) but I also was offered a cup of coffee by Jeff in Analyst Marketing when I struggled to find my Oracle counterparts. The combination of a major announcement plus your annual event could wreak havoc, but I applaud the Jive Software team for their continued focus on delighting customers as part of JiveWorld with some stellar sessions and attention to speakers.


I waited too long to attend my first #JiveWorld

In 2010, I was among the first users of Topliners as a Customer Success Manager and developed our first social group for our Sports & Entertainment customers. Since then we have managed a migration of the platform from Cloud to OnPrem, tripled our growth and onboarded new acquired companies into the fold. These are all items that many of the attendees have also grappled with and it would have been great to have forged some of those relationships as we were going through some worthwhile transitions. As the current owner for the community, I look forward to taking all of the learnings from the conference back to our Oracle team of customers, partners and employees. When I surveyed the room of attendees for both of my sessions, the majority of community leaders were marketers followed by Customer Success, Web and IT. I look forward to keeping the conversation going with those whom I have added to my network about how to plan for success in the future.