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In any management endeavor, time is a precious commodity. It is so valuable that it is only wise to use it with respect.


Individuals and organizations can plan all they want but the schedule becomes the focal point comes execution. It is impossible to accomplish all activities on time if the schedule is poorly developed. While a bad schedule will most likely fail, a good schedule will succeed. The quality of the schedule translates easily to the end quality and cost of the project. A project manager is foolish to expect a timely delivery of a bad schedule. A bad schedule will result in budget overruns, and poor quality facilities, products/services. A poorly prepared schedule will not stay to expectation. Enhancing success is possible by creating a P50 Risk-based, sound, and achievable baseline schedule.



Rufran (022415)

RUFRAN C. FRAGO Risk-based Management (RBM) blog provides Rufran's professional take on all subjects concerning risk-based management. This blog hopes to connect with all industry professionals, risk and project, program, EH&S, production managers alike, and others. Participating and collaborating with me and responding to my blogs are most welcome.


The mission of this blog site is to establish a supporting venue where all Management Professionals can safely connect, to discuss management principles, philosophies, including new or old methods and approaches, and being able to assimilate the best. We support diversity & the sharing of experiences that will help and enable each one to be more productive and successful. This is a secondary and supporting site of my Linkedin Risk-based Management (RBM) Group. It will serve as a reference ground and a repository of critical risk-based information useful not only to achieve management excellence but also operational excellence, enabling participants to apply the key concepts that matters regardless of geopolitical
affiliation through Primavera Oracle tools.


The blog intends to support talks about what works, and what does not work. It shall stimulate exchanges of ideas, and learnings; make deals, identify opportunities, & threats, and to steer all members/participants to the right direction, thereby making the right risk-based decisions using tools and techniques. The strength of this blog site relies also on the feedback input & knowledge of all followers. RUFRAN C. FRAGO RBM blog site offers a place to access and share knowledge, network/build on ideas, and solve problems. 


So, lets get started...