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Now, we can continue..


Start to try with databases in Cloud is considerably easy and thousands of people has done it.. but few of them understand the deep concept behind all this.


Our advice is:  first understand the concept of Oracle Cloud and the “Why” of Oracle Cloud.

DBAs do nothing if they can create a database in the Cloud and they do not understand the “why” of all this.


Something very important DBAs must take into account in advance when they will work in Cloud is the following:

In a general way the wizards in Oracle Cloud are very efficient and easy to use, they save us tons of job hours that normally we had to carry out when we are working with "On-Prem" databases but they can not do everything at 100%, so.. your expertise must be combined between use the wizards and doing manual tasks, for example related to Oracle Data Guard, you can create a Disaster Recovery configuration using the wizard but just a simple configuration.. if you want build a logical standby.. configure "Far Sync.." and more you have to do it manually.. so.. at the end the Cloud represent between many things.. a way to perform tasks faster in some way with all the capabilities of Cloud ( Scalability, Reliability and more ) but as I mentioned.. the wizards can not do everything at 100% so.. in order to play at 100% in Cloud you have to be already a skilled DBA with "On-Prem" databases.


Create a database in Cloud without understanding the concept it could be alike to a tourist that visits a country without knowing anything of that country.. that person can be there.. can touch.. can see but "can not" understand.. the same happen with Oracle Database Cloud.


We have been working as Oracle DBA from around 18 years ago.. almost at the beginning of my career there was already that kind of Data Centers where you had the possibility to rent a space to lodge your server(s).. etc.. and the way to access them was across internet.. they had to have a public IP.. that already existed from y e a r s... ago.. in that case it could be said that we have a server in Cloud.. or the components inside of that server in Cloud, but really that's not the concept of Cloud at 100%. So.. if that is not Cloud.. What is Cloud ? What is.. What represent a database in Cloud?

All those things is what you have to clarify to start your journey as Cloud DBA.


In order to understand the concept of Cloud, the history.. the evolution and more, I recommend to look for videos in youtube that talks about it, mainly videos from the main protagonists of Oracle Technology: Larry Ellison, Mark V. Hurd, Andy Mendelsohn and more. We recommend you to use the keyword “Keynote” in order to find the best ones.


According to my criterion that’s the first step a DBA must do before even to ask a Cloud Trial account.


The concept of Cloud is very interesting and deep.. It’s the present and the future.


One of the main sentences I always say and repeat in my conferences, webinars, webcasts.. and more is:


“A DBA to be expert in Cloud, mandatory first must be expert with “On-premises” databases..”

Joel Pérez


Many people tell me in chats.. in LinkedIn.. facebook.. etc..

“Eyyy Joel.. , barely and I’m OCA.. later I will get the OCP and later of that I go for Cloud Certifications..”

Perhaps studying the appropriate material you could approve it but at the time of designing a project.. a complex task in Cloud.. etc.. it could be so difficult to take the right decisions if you do not have enough experience with “On-Prem” databases.


You could create a Disaster Recovery configuration with Oracle Data Guard in minutes using DBCS ( Database Cloud Service ), it could be a Single instance combination Cloud-Cloud or the same but using RAC. That can be done so easy and fast. You go across the wizard.. and in minutes you will have a Cloud compute node with your primary database and another Cloud compute node with your standby database ( Physical Standby ).


What about if a task requires to have one primary database and two physical standby databases ??

Can you do it with the wizard.. ??

The answer is: No, you can  not do it with the wizard..!!

You have several options.. you could create the initial configuration of primary and Standby DB1 with the wizard, later you have to create a Cloud DB service for having the second Standby Cloud Compute node, the DB created there, it will be a dummy database.. you have to replace it later.. all those tasks must be done manually.. there are no wizards to that that job in Cloud, the further registration in the Data Guard Broker and more must be done manually..


So.. when and where you learn that kind of manual tasks.. ?

When: when you were working with “On-prem” Databases

Where: in your “On-prem” environment


So.. based on that and more, you can realize easily that the Cloud DBA “MUST BE EXPERT FIRST WITH ON-PREM DATABASES.. YOU CAN NOT JUMP INTO THE CLOUD IF YOU ARE A ROOKIE DBA..”


First learn “VERY WELL” the typical tasks with “On-prem” databases and later you can go to look for performing tasks in Cloud.


We wrote it un uppercase because I have always to clarify and argue that point in conversations related to DBCS.


So.. what are the typical tasks that most of DBAs must master before going to the Cloud ?

The typical tasks and areas found in the Oracle University Training for becoming OCA & OCP, not necessarily you have to attend those trainings.. just check the content and make sure you have the skills to cover all those areas.


One example more.. there are people asking me how they can transport a terabyte database to Cloud. There are several options, one of them is to use RMAN to backup/restore the database taking into the account the backupset’s sizes. The backupset’s sizes must be determined based on the network bandwidth and other factors, to perform this we have to use the “BACKUP SECTION SIZE..” of RMAN.

So.. sometimes people say or ask.. “BACKUP SECTION SIZE”?? what is that.. what I do with that..??



So.. I think the idea is very clear after reading this lines.. so.. if you are one more people that wants to jump into the Databases in the Cloud and you are not already experimented with “On-prem” databases.. then.. learn first the ABC of administering regular Oracle Databases.


We hope this article can be useful and see you at next one!


Author Bio:


Joel Pérez is an Expert DBA ( Oracle ACE Director, Maximum Availability OCM, OCM Cloud Admin. & OCM12c/11g ) with over 17 years of Real World Experience in Oracle Technology, specialised in design and implement solutions of: High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Upgrades, Replication, Cloud and all area related to Oracle Databases. International consultant with duties, conferences & activities in more than 50 countries and countless clients around the world. Habitual and one of leading writers of Technical Oracle articles for: OTN Spanish, Portuguese, English and more. Regular Speaker in worldwide Oracle events  like: OTN LAD (Latin America), OTN MENA (Middle East & Africa), OTN APAC ( Asian Pacific), DTCC China, Oracle Code.. . Joel has always been known for being a pioneer in Oracle technology since the early days of his career being the first Latin American awarded as “OTN Expert” at year 2003 by Oracle Corp., one of the first “Oracle ACE” globally in the Oracle ACE Program at year 2004. He was honoured as one of the first “OCM Database Cloud Administrator” & Maximum Availability OCM in the world. Currently Joel works as Senior Cloud Database Architect in “Yunhe Enmo (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd”., company located in Beijing, China


Kamus Zhang

General Manager of Technical Services/Vice Managing Director of Yunhe Enmo (Beijing)
Co-founder of ACOUG (All China Oracle User Group). Kamus joined Enmotech in 2010 and has been the Vice Managing Director since 2015. Enmotech is the leading Oracle services, education and solutions company on the Chinese mainland, employing six Oracle ACE directors and three Oracle ACEs. Kamus began his career as a software developer in 1998. He became an Oracle ACE in 2007 and was promoted to Oracle ACE Director in 2011. Kamus enjoys studying new technologies and sharing his knowledge with the Oracle community in China. He is a co-translator of the Chinese version of Expert Oracle Exadata, which is the first book about Exadata published in Chinese. Kamus lives in Beijing, China and in his rare free time he travels with his family around the world, with Japan being his favorite country to visit. He is also a Blizzard game fan, first playing World of Warcraft several years ago and now Hearthstone. Check out his blog: