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Hi everyone


If you are reading this article could be for several reasons..:

1.- Perhaps you have asked me or asked to my colleague Skant Gupta the typical question "How to become OCP & OCM Cloud?"

2.- Perhaps you have found this publication in any of social medias we manage

3.- Perhaps you have asked the typical question.. "How I start to learn Oracle Database in Cloud"

4.- Or simply you are interested in this subject and you have found this article using google.. etc


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So, Let's continue..


Whatever could be the reason.. we are available to give you a brief and effective information about how to get it.

This information will be useful not only for people that wants to become OCP & OCM Cloud, as well for people that desires to start to learn

how to manage databases in Cloud.


The first Cloud Database Certification was in the market around 4 years ago, I achieved it at the 2013, the name of it was:

"Oracle Certified Professional, Database Cloud Administrator"


You can see it here:


That certification was based on the past Cloud Database Model. Database as a Service ( DBaaS ) was evolving during the years and the content of that certification was obsolete related to what we have nowadays. According to my research, that certification was retired from the Oracle Certification Program. The key exam to get it was the 1Z0-028

If that page is accessed you will realise that all the content was removed.

Here you can see the publication related to at the year 2013:


Here in this link you could verify that in effect 2 certifications related to that exam were retired:



Nowadays, at the time of writing this article: 8/Sept/2017 there are 3 Cloud Database Certifications.


Inside these links you will find all the information related to:

1.- Path to reach them

2.- Materials to study

3.- Exam Score and more


Oracle Database Cloud Service Operations Certified Associate Certification


Oracle Database Cloud Administrator Certified Associate Certification


Oracle Database Cloud Administrator Certified Professional Certification


The main exam to achieve all those certifications is this:


My Colleague Mr. Cloud Man Skant Gupta has achieved one them recently, the OCP Cloud, we can see it here:


For all people which completed the Path for these certifications, they will be valid according to the Oracle Certification Program


I achieved both at the years 2013 & 2014 being one of the first OCP & OCM Cloud in the World!




Realise the names of my certification gotten at the year 2013 and the certification gotten by Skant at the year 2017. The names are exactly same and the general certification conception as well, the difference is, the certification valid at the year 2013 was based on how Oracle Database Cloud was in that moment and obvious the certification of 2017 is fully updated with these times.


Normally people ask about:


What kind of materials I can use to study for these exams?

Answer: inside the links provided there is a section called "Exam Preparation"

In a general way there 4 kind of general materials to study for these exams:

1.- Official Oracle University Training:,clang:EN

2.- Oracle Database Cloud Channel:,channelId:3542

3.- Official Information & Documentation:

4.- Oracle Learning Subscription


How I can do for practicing?

Answer: you can request a 30-Day Free Trial account. Find the details in:


Can I become OCM Cloud at these times?

Answer: you can but just if you have already approved the 1Z0-028 exam before May2017. If you have approved the mentioned exam you can complete actually the path.

If you did not  approve the exam 1Z0-028 you will not able to complete the path since the exam 1Z0-028 is already retired.


This is the path to achieve the OCM Cloud:




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Joel Pérez is an Expert DBA ( Oracle ACE Director, Maximum Availability OCM, OCM Cloud Admin. & OCM12c/11g ) with over 17 years of Real World Experience in Oracle Technology, specialised in design and implement solutions of: High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Upgrades, Replication, Cloud and all area related to Oracle Databases. International consultant with duties, conferences & activities in more than 50 countries and countless clients around the world. Habitual and one of leading writers of Technical Oracle articles for: OTN Spanish, Portuguese, English and more. Regular Speaker in worldwide Oracle events  like: OTN LAD (Latin America), OTN MENA (Middle East & Africa), OTN APAC ( Asian Pacific), DTCC China, Oracle Code.. . Joel has always been known for being a pioneer in Oracle technology since the early days of his career being the first Latin American awarded as “OTN Expert” at year 2003 by Oracle Corp., one of the first “Oracle ACE” globally in the Oracle ACE Program at year 2004. He was honoured as one of the first “OCM Database Cloud Administrator” & Maximum Availability OCM in the world. Currently Joel works as Senior Cloud Database Architect in “Yunhe Enmo (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd”., company located in Beijing, China


Skant Gupta is an Oracle Certified Cloud Professional in Oracle Database 12c, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) in Oracle Database 11g and 12c, and an Oracle Exadata Certified and an Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle Database 10g, 11g, and 12c. He works at Vodafone Technology in the UK and formerly worked as a senior DBA at Etisalat in Dubai. He has six years of experience with various Oracle technologies, focusing mainly on Cloud, database, and high availability solutions, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate. He has presented at several Oracle user groups worldwide, most recently in the US, the United Arab Emirates, and the India. Skant website link: