Think for a moment about how much of cloud technology was behind Chicago Cubs' fantastic winning game of 2016 and throughout the season?

Content rich sites like and others with all their highlights, pictures, real time stats, updates, new flashes and more demand a lot of compute power for sure.

Not to mention all the storage needed for exponentially increasing traffic during the World Series, for example.


Here is what some of the industry experts have to say on it and the numbers are truly staggering.

According to Cloud collaboration is a hit for MLB's rich media management


" uses cloud collaboration and homegrown digital asset management to create and manage sports highlights for 2.61 billion annual visitors."

Note: That is 2.61 billions with a B or close to one half of Earth' population !


"Because there's a separate production group for each game played by the 30 major-league teams during the 162-game regular season, there can be up to 15 four-person teams creating, archiving and distributing rich media and digital assets every night in the studio from April through September. That content is displayed on and its team sites, and among partners like Yahoo Sports and, so an effective digital asset management system backed up by enterprise collaboration is critical.

And it's made even more important because it's not just baseball highlights."


More detail is described at… ,

"MLB Network Leads Off with Oracle to Chronicle Baseball History and Expand Programming" and below are some interesting excerpts from it:


- Over the course of a single year, MLB Network, the ultimate television destination for baseball fans, collects and stores more than 120,000 hours of content from its daily TV programming, game telecasts and replays. It all resides in an active archive built on Oracle DIVArchive and Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system, that’s easily searched and mined to allow the network to create differentiated content every day.

Initially, MLB Network built its digital asset management system to log live games and take advantage of its vast historical library. Dubbed the DIAMOND System, it includes a custom set of metadata tools to search, retrieve, and create collections and lists of elements from its video footage.  Using Oracle DIVArchive as part of its solution, MLB Network can manage and access  every baseball game played each season, with as many as seven different video feeds per game, catalog over 600 hours of live video content daily and archive  over 7 petabytes of information annually.


“Baseball fans are some of the most fervent and dedicated on Earth, and today’s game is rooted in the ability and opportunity to catalog every play in every game that takes place during each season,” said Tab Butler, director, post production and media management, MLB Network. “With Oracle DIVArchive and Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system, we have been able to cater to baseball fans’ needs by meticulously housing every highlight and being able to bring every angle into our daily programming. As a result, we’ve been able to not only chronicle baseball history as it’s happening, but also grow our programming schedule significantly and drive our business forward by providing our fans with the content they truly desire on a daily basis.”


MLB Network’s archive resides on Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system with 3,000 slots, which takes in about 50 TB of content and swaps out 400-500 cartridges daily. To support continued growth over the next seven years, MLB Network is also evaluating expanding to a second StorageTek SL8500 modular library system and migrating to Oracle’s StorageTek T10000D enterprise drives which would give the network a 10:1 cartridge space reduction and overall higher throughput over its current environment."


Technology behind the game is equally amazing as the game itself ... Oracle's modular StorageTek library system that swaps 400-500 cartridges daily!

That is one gigantic and busy storage system behind Eco-system !


Finally, as you could have imagined - technology doesn't stand still with more innovations and additions being made earlier in 2016 as well.

Oracle Announces New Cloud Storage Options At NAB 2016 | - Storage Reviews


"24 hours of video can require up to 86TB of capacity and this will only go up as cameras become better. In order to tackle this influx of data Oracle has integrated DIVA with Storage Cloud Serve – Archive Storage which gives customers an incremental cloud extension tier to on-premises archive solutions, such as Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 and SL3000 tape libraries. This combined system allows customers to tier storage to both on-premises and the cloud giving users the performance and economics needed.

Oracle has also made updates to some of its other products that support storage and archiving media:

  • Oracle DIVAnet 2.0: With the latest release of Oracle DIVAnet, media and entertainment organizations can securely share and back up rich media assets globally by connecting up to 10 Oracle DIVArchive systems through a single global namespace. Access control by site and by application is now enabled in DIVAnet 2.0 to provide additional security for valuable video assets.
  • Oracle DIVArchive 7.4: Oracle’s top content storage management application now has incorporated Oracle Database 12c and has added support for Oracle Linux, further enhancing the benefits of running Oracle software on Oracle hardware.
  • AXF Explorer: With the release of Oracle AXF Explorer, Oracle DIVA customers gain access to the SMPTE standard open format for sharing and managing content among disparate storage systems.

Oracle’s DIVA solutions are powered by Oracle Database 12c and are used by the top media companies. In fact the top 10 media companies run on Oracle software. One example Oracle cites is Major League Baseball (MLB). Using Oracle DIVArchive, MLB moves more that 600 hours of video content every day and 7PB of data annually."


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