BPEL Performance Tuning Options


The BPEL performance can be tuned to improve the performance. Some of the tuning options are listed below. Depending on the configuration it can be SOA infrastructure level OR composite level ones.


1. Audit configuration

        The Audit property persist a lot of details about the BPEL process(its state, business flow etc) in the SOA Infra Database. This requires sevaral inserts in SOA Infra Database which is an additional processing. This can impact the performance to some extent. Oracle has provided an option to turn off this option. Assume the services that are running in this environment are running for a long time and stable ones that doesnot need auditing, they the audit option could be turned off.

        This applies to both durable and transient processes.

        As this is s SOA infrastructure level configuration change, it will be applied on all the BPEL processes running in this environment. Hence give enough time to weigh the performance benefit over the auditing before turning it off.

        The following Oracle documentation provides the steps to modify the Audit Configuration.


2. Configure the inMemoryOptimization and completionPersistPolicy property depending on the requirement.

3. Define a proper retention period for the instances data in the repository.


These are some of the options which could improve the performance of BPEL component. However before updating these parameters, Please understand these properties in detail by going through the Oracle Developers Guide. I would continuosly update this blog with additional performance tuning options in near future.


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