Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that enables companies to market smarter, sell effectively and productively, and care everywhere. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as a cloud offering or an on-premises installation.

The Advantco Dynamics CRM adapter for Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a new adapter with the specific purpose to make integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as easy as possible. Below are some of the main features that are covered by this adapter.

  • Authentication: The adapter takes care of authentication and will manage the security token.
  • Schema generation for different entity operations.
  • Schema generation for Queries.
  • Handling multiple calls using query lookup


The adapter will handle all the steps of the authentication process and manages the security token. If token is expired, the adapter will automatically request for a new token.


Connection configuration of Advantco Dynamics CRM Adapter

Schema generations

The Advantco Dynamics CRM adapter provides a useful developer-friendly feature to generation operation specific schemas. It also supports schemas for bulk operation which provide a way to bundle a number of operations that either succeed or fail as a group.


Adapter Configuration for Advantco Dynamics CRM to Create an Account


Queries result schemas

To handle the queries results, the Advantco Dynamics CRM adapter provides the feature to generate a schema based on a Query example.


Adapter Configuration for Advantco Dynamics CRM to Query Order


Handling multiple calls using query lookup

A common requirement in Dynamics CRM integration is handling relationships between entities. This requires data to be queried from the Dynamics CRM system before constructing the request message. The adapter introduces a query feature that is available during schema generation. This adds a Query section in the generated schema as shown below. This allows the query (based on FetchXML) to be constructed during design time, and executed by the adapter automatically during runtime.



Mapping an IDoc message to Dynamics CRM using Query lookup


  The Advantco Dynamics CRM adapter greatly reduces complexities and efforts to integrate your with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The adapter supports both versions online and on-premises Oracle Integration Cloud Service.