Starting today's nightly, the JAX-WS samples can be easily run on Tomcat 5.5.x. This blog tells you how to install a JAX-WS nightly build onTomcat container and run the samples using that. 

Installing JAX-WS 2.0 on Tomcat

  1. Download JAXWS_SI.jar from the nightly buildand install it on your machine by giving the following command:

    java -jar JAXWS_SI.jar

    This will install JAX-WS binaries, samples, documentation and other files in jaxws-ri directory (JAXWS_HOME) in your current directory.
  2. Download and save this script (jaxwsontomcat.xml) inJAXWS_HOME directory.
  3. Please make sure CATALINA_HOME environment variable points to the directory where Tomcat is installed. Go toJAXWS_HOME directory and invoke:

    ant -f jaxwsontomcat.xml install

Running the Samples

To develop and deploy the samples on Tomcat, you need to give the following command:

ant server -Dtomcat=true

To develop and deploy the samples on Application server, you need to give the following command:

ant server

If you are familiar with the samples framework, then this is the same command as before. 

To invoke the deployed WAR file, follow the instructions from the samples documentation. All of your samples can now be deployed on Tomcat container, in addition to Sun's Application Server.

JAX-WS is available in Glassfish.

Hope you find this useful.

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