This TOTD (Tip Of The Day) shows how to create a Persistence Unit (PU) for a MySQL database usingNetBeans IDE. This PU can then be used in any of Java EE artifacts (JSP, Servlet, EJB, ...) for database interaction.
  1. In NetBeans IDE, create a new project
  2. Set up the database
  3. Create and configure the persistence unit
  4. Create a Servlet to perform the database operations
Now let's try it!

Invoking "curl http://localhost:8080/Autocomplete/StatesServlet?abbrev=CA" shows the following output on command prompt:

Found California with abbrev "CA"

Alternatively, you can enter this URL in browser as well to see the output as:

Invoking "http://localhost:8080/Autocomplete/StatesServlet?abbrev=CB" shows the output:

Even though MySQL is used as the database in this case, any other database can be easily used for creating this portable PU.

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