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JCertif 2012 Call for Papers Now Open --! As some of you already know. The next edition of JCertif is coming and will take place on September 03th-09th in Brazzaville, Congo. If you have an interesting presentation idea, we want to hear from you! We invite you to share your Java experiences with the industry and community by submitting a proposal for this far from the  

The second edition of Java Magazine (November/December) will go out in few days. In the Part 2 of the my article, you will see in detail how to use JSON to handle the response returned to the HTML5 client.

The first Part 1 of my article published in the first edition of Java Magazine (available here has shown how you can create and deploy quickly a Java EE application that uses RESTful Web services with NetBeans.

The In the November/December 2011 issue:

  • From the Editor
  • Java Nation:
    News, events, and happenings in the Java community - including a JavaOne 2011 wrapup
  • Java In Action:
    Driven by Java

    Austrian smartcard system connects patients, providers.

    Green Light

    Startup dooApp relies on JavaFX to support “green” construction.
  • New To Java:
    Starting Your First Computer Game

    Use Greenfoot to create your first interactive program.

    Introduction to RESTful Web Services, Part 2

    Max Bonbhel on the JSON response format.

  • Java Architect:
    Understanding the Hudson Plug-In Development Framework

    Extend Hudson with plug-ins.

    Agile ALM for Java Developers

    Michael Hu?tterman on better quality software.

  • Enterprise Java:
    Stress-testing Java EE 6 Applications
    Adam Bien on bugs, bottlenecks, and memory leaks.

  • Polyglot Programmer:
    Toward a Universal VM

    Oracle’s Alex Buckley on the JVM Language Summit 2011.

    Polyglot Programming on the JVM

    How and why to choose a non-Java language.

  • Rich Client:
    Shock the Senses

    Java FX 2.0 reinvigorates client-side Java development. Oracle’s Nandini Ramani talks with Java Magazine about the key features of the new release.

    JavaFX and Swing Integration
    Migrate Swing interfaces to JavaFX.

    Using Transitions for Automation in JavaFX 2.0

    Animate nodes in your scene.

  • Mobile and Embedded:
    Getting Started with GameCanvas

    Vikram Goyal on the Mobile Sensor API.

  • Fix This:
    Arun Gupta challenges your coding skills

JUG-AFRICA and JCertif 2011 honored in the first Java Magazine Premier Issue (Page 7) and I have published the first of a three part series of technical article in Java Magazine Premier Issue(Page 17) on how to build and deploy RESTful Web Services.

Another article about JUG-AFRICA published on Oracle website (

As some of you already know. The next edition of JCertif is coming.
This year again the JCertif Conference will bring together developers from across Africa to learn, collaborate, and inspire each other.
This year, we're happy to announce 3 days of Java and Android training and 2 days of great talk, focusing on key areas where Java and open source are driving innovation: Java, Android, HTML5, JavaFX and JavaME.

If you feel like living a bit of an adventure, get acquainted with a different culture and meet great people, during an event other than the “classic” ones, then this is for you!
JCertif 2011 will take place in Brazzaville, Congo :
- JCertif Conference (2 days) : September 3-4, 2011
- JCertif University (3 days) : August 31 to September 2, 2011

We’re expecting 800+ attendees, based upon our previous events and several hundred people who are already registered.
Still hesitating to join JCertif 2011 ? There are a few names of great confirmed and to be confirmed speakers :

- Arun Gupta(Oracle). Yes! Arun will be the keynote speaker !
- Bruno Kinoshita (SysMap - Brazil)
- Douglas Mbiandou (Objis France)
- Horacio Lassey-Assiakoley (Atlantique Telecom TogoJUG)
- Michael Heinrichs (Oracle, Prague)
- Mike Levin(Cambridgeweb, OrlandoJUG)
- Roger Brinkley (Oracle)
- Van Riper (Google)
- ...
- ...
- And more.... !!

The final list of speakers will be published in few weeks !!

BTW : The Congolese beer is KITOKO ! Mike Levin and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine should agree with me :)

There are links that can help you to know more :
Photos from JCertif 2010:
JCertif 2010 University :
JCertif 2010 Conference :

Here is the website where you can get more info about call for papers:
PS : We're still looking for one more speaker for HTML5(contact us :

Hope to see you in Brazzaville !

The month of July was a global gathering for all Java Communities around the world to say "Hello" to Java 7.
JUG-AFRICA also hosted multiple events to celebrate Java 7 (see the photos below). I have traveled in Africa to give technical Java7 talks and met with hundreds of vibrant Java and Android developers. In Dakar, Senegal (July 7), Brazzaville, Congo (July 9) and Kinshasa, DRC Congo(July 10).
Oracle provided the Java launch kits, which include a Java 7 technical presentation with detailed speaker notes, related technology modules, and T-shirts for JUG members. More than 90 JUGs have also accepted Oracle's offer to supply speakers including four JUGs in Africa (SeneJUG, CongoJUG, EgJUG, KinJUG and RDC-JUG).

The events where held in Dakar, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Cairo, Abuja, Lagos, Kampala, Lomé, Accra, Ouagadougou and Rabat.

I'm very happy about the progress of Java in Africa and the collaboration between Oracle and the user community there.
Yes, I can agree on : With Java 7 event across the world, Oracle's demonstrated commitment to fostering strong and independent groups worldwide and to ensuring that the groups have a powerful voice.

Here is a list of most Java7 launch events that JUG-AFRICA managed.

FasoJUG (Burkina Faso) :
KinJUG and RDC-JUG sync event (DRC Congo) :
SeneJUG (Senegal) :
MoroccoJUG (Morocco) :
LagosJUG (Nigeria) :
Coders4Africa (Ghana) :
CongoJUG (Congo, Brazzaville) :
TogoJUG (Togo) :
MUFIX JUG (Egypt) :
UgandaJUG (Uganda) :
EgJUG (Egypt) :

I'd like to thanks Michelle, Cassandra, Ruth, Senja and Yolande from Oracle for the great support (Speaker/T-Shirt/Fund) and thanks for Simon Ritter who present Java 7 in Cairo and provided a very comprehensible technical material to our speakers.

À suivre....

In JUG-AFRICA we started an Open Source project to manage the BIG ANNUAL EVENTS for our JUGs. The first release will be available in the early second half of January.

The application will provide all services bellow via the REST Web services :
- Appointment Manager
- Conference Manager
- Paper reviews and approval Manager
- Profile Manager
- Registration Manager
- Sponsorship Manager
- Conference Center Manager
- Room booking Manager
- Etc...
The code source is available for free on google code.
The current presentation layer is based on Vaadin but anayonve can propose his own UI client.

20+ dev across Africa are working on this app. I will write a post in this blog to provide more details.
PS : Complete the form to join the team
I'll like to let you know the dates of JCertif 2011 the biggest Java Community Event in Africa. About 800+ attendees from many countries.

We will be happy to have you as Speaker on Developer Tools, Java, Open Source, Mobile Apps...or Business solutions.

I'll like to let you know the dates of JCertif 2011 the biggest Java Community Event in Africa. About 800+ attendees from many countries.

We will be happy to have you as Speaker on Developer Tools, Java, Open Source, Mobile Apps...or Business solutions.

Still hesitating to join JCertif 2010 ?
See Tasha's excellent post on Brussels JUG website

PS : We offer the hotel (one night) to thank our Speakers.


JCertif 2010 is coming Blog

Posted by bonbhel May 16, 2010
As you know, CongoJUG is involved in education. Once again, we will offer free courses and workshops for Sun Java Certification.
JCertif is a mini-conference that will focus on Java technology professional certifications, with special attention to SCJP (Java Programmer) and SCWCD (Web Component Developer).
JCertif goal : To provide courses and workshop which will help people to learn the basics of Java programming language and all its secrets.
Following these workshops, attendees will have all the knowledge required to pass a Sun Java Certification Exam, all of that in 4 certification days in August.
Why Java Certification  ? In Congo's employement market, sometimes a technology certification could look more competitive than college degrees.
We will organize a mock exam contest and award one (1) Exam VOUCHER to the participant with the highest score.
In Congo the voucher cost (300$) could represente 4 months salary and it's just astronomical for a lot of people (students, unemployed...).
We are talking with local sponsors but the lack of sponsors is still a big issue in our region.
What do we need right at this moment?
  • Sponsors
  • Free or Promotion codes for Java tests (vouchers)
  • SCJP Books (French)
  • Giveaways

The mini-conference will take place in Brazzaville, Congo (Africa) on August 26-29. Schedule
is available under
Hope you guys will help out!
Contact us directly via

 There is my proposal for JUG-AFRICA agenda. Everyone is free to  comment and add interesting ideas.
I will detail each point in this blog later.         

  • Continue to affiliate JUGs and share our experience with new JUGs.


  • Elect a president and a vice president  (last week of april 2010) : It will be very open process. Each JUG will propose one candidate and the two canditates with the most votes will be elected president and vice-president.


  • Increase our visibility both internal and external (very important) :


o   External : Becoming partner of  community events and projects. Two months ago, I started talking with one of DEVOXX organizer. We will be part of « Supporting JUGs » for Devoxx2010. In return for this, Devoxx will publish JUG-AFRICA info on the Devoxx website and give away 1 free entrance ticket.


o   Internal : All affiliated JUGs should add the JUG-AFRICA logo on their website and sometimes mail to their members information about JUG-AFRICA activities or events.


  • Look for sponsors and partners to support and promote our annual events and negotiate bulk discounts for books, events...for all members of affiliated JUGs and sometimes giveaways for specific local JUG meetings.


  • Find a way to make the conference calls or Webnar promoted by all JUG Leaders (need high speed connection wich is not available in all African region ) every two month.


  • Attending regional events (JDC2011 and others future events) and international events (JavaOne/Devexx/Jazoon/OSCON etc.).


  • Organizing new annual regional events in West Africa (Senegal), Central (Maybe in Congo) and South  (South Africa) regions.
  • JCP membership (in progress) : Of course it’s not a big deal and all JUGs can have it free of charge but I think it will give an opportunity to all members of affiliated JUGs to participate immediately in the JCP through their association with JUG-AFRICA.



Is it still possible to ask this question in 2010?


Isn?t the answer obvious ?


Well no ! It was the question I was asking myself three years ago, even though I had been working as a consultant and Java trainer for seven years. In 2007, my ex-colleague Eric Marcoux (Oracle ACE Director) suggested I join JUG Quebec (Canada). I said JUG ? Java User?What ?


Several months later, I went to JavaOne 2008 and when I saw so many developers, architects, engineers from so many countries and so many amazing projects...


... and heard Matt Thompson (ex-SUN) and nearly 40 JUG Leaders talk about importance of the Java community at �Think Globally and Act Locally� session and met Micheal Levin the co-founder of the impressive West African JUG in Senegal, the question wasn?t �What?s a JUG?� anymore but rather �How can a sense of community and belonging be fostered among Java developper in Africa ?�. For me the need of JUG-AFRICA became evident.


After talking with Java developpers across Africa, I think JUG-AFRICA could help address


  • How to take part in international and regional events ?


  • How to increase the visibility of the      communities accross the word ?


  • How to create link with Java communities      across the word ?


Hi, Welcome in my page at, thanks for Sun, Oreilly and  community. I'm already blogging here, but in this blog,  there will be another things related to Java technologies, JUGs in Africa, the  sense of community and belonging among Java developper in Africa and some time  the point de vue of Java community in Africa etc...