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Once again I'll be acting as the Mobility track for JavaOne 2010. The call for papers closes Sunday at 11:59 PDT. With such a limit time left the tracks marketing team has put together the following themes for this year.

  1. Java + Web
  2. Compelling user experiences for Java on mobile
  3. Tools - from content to monetization
  4. Java application world (with a focus on Browser, Media, Location based services, IM, Email, Social Networking, Miscellaneous)
  5. Java platform evolution

Hopefully with this list you'll be able to come up with some good session proposals for the upcoming year. Don't forget Sunday night at 11:59. Well make that 10:59 for those of you that forget to set clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time

Friday, December 5, is the last day for Early Bird Registration for Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days. The Early Bird cost of $175 will save you $75 over the regular cost of $250.

This years conference features a Keynote by Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing and a Mobility Roadmap presentation by Craig Gering, Director of Java ME Development. Following that will be 25 technical sessions that will equally cover implementations on phones, media (TV, Blu-Ray, Cable boxes) and embedded devices. Interspersed within the technical sessions are 13 lighting talks of five to seven minutes in length. Then twice a day we'll break for poster session times when you can get some one on one time with the various technical poster presentations.

You might have noticed that Java FX was announced today. Of course that didn't include a release for Mobile devices. The conference will be one of the first times for Mobile developers to hear what will be happening with Java FX in the first session that follows Craig Gering's Mobility Roadmap address.

Last years attendees comments included

  • "Speaking as my company, it was an outstanding help you give us and a huge access to Sun's people, and Java ME developers community. We will do our best to optimize these contacts and talks as much as possible and to find out all the ways we can help each other."
  • "The event was really excellent, and I hope, when you're recovered, that you consider ways to run it again next year."
  • "Thanks again for the great conference last week. I thought that the participants got a lot out of the conference."
  • "That was a GREAT conference. I hope it will happen again next year...with many more people. I really like the location and the conference hall, especially the layout (instead of theater-seating)."
  • "This was a VERY successful event. The live video stream with irc chat allowed people from all over the world to directly participate as well. The content was quite deep - very technically meaty, and the developers who attended were treated to some very good presentations. Coverage was excellent for a conference this size."

So the only thing left to do is for you to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing and register by December 5. You can register by clicking the registration tag on the M3DD home page

Well give me a Wooo Eeee!!!! Sean Sheedy has been elected to the Java Community Process Mobile Edition Executive Committee. Sean previously sat on a number of JSR Expert Groups when he was part of Nextel and later Sprint but when he went out on his own he had a little or no voice in the JSR process. His voice since has been the voice of the average developer which should provide a meaningful balance to manufacture representatives from Nokia, Phillips, IBM and Sony Ericsson. 

A big thanks to everyone in the community who voted for Sean. We look forward to his three years on the board representing the community and the individual developers in

  • Bridging the communication gap between developers and the manufactures
  • Representing developers as Java ME evolves.
  • Representing open source methods.

So join me in giving Sean a hearty congratulations and don't forget to look at the upcoming JSRs and let him know what you think. Developers now have a real voice on the EC.

The schedule for the Mobile, Media, and eMBedded Developer Days (M3DD) has been published and is available at

Like last year this is an action packed two intense days for intermediate to advanced Java ME application developers. As it stands right now there are twenty six technical sessions, thirteen lightning talks, and four poster sessions.

This years Keynote address will be given by Jeet Kaul, Vice President Client Software Group and Eric Klein Vice President of Java Marketing. Craig Gerig, the Director of Java ME Development will follow them with a Mobility Roadmap.

From there on the diversity of Java ME will become immediately apparent in the technical sessions. Media talks on Tru-2-Way, The New Java TV Stand for Digital TV in Brazil and Creating Blue-Ray DiscTMGames and Menus using Open Source Tools are balanced against embedded talks on Effective Energy Management Through Java, Squawk for Java ME for Embedded Devices and Swarm of Brian. Traditional Java ME talks are highlighted in Does Your Mobile Speak Java FX, MIDP-3 - What it Brings to Developers, LWUIT, and Mobile Widget Development and Project Cupuchin - Energizing Rich Mobile Media. We'll also cover the traditional tools topics of Java ME Platform SDK, Eclipse and special session on The Heart of Parameteric Development as well as new JSRs like JSR 290: Web UI for Java ME Applications. Finally we'll show off a couple of the community projects like Diamond Powder and Floggy.

It's worth noting that while we have thirteen slots for lighting talks not all of the lightning talks have been selected. These 7 minutes talk will give you a glimpse into a particular topic and in some cases will give you an lead in for further discussions that you can have with the presenters during the four poster session times.

And of course we're planning another dinner just like last years at the end of the first night at Maria Elana's Mexican Restaurant. It's the perfect ending to the first day's activities.

So right now you've got enough information now to pull the trigger and sign up for the conference. No more I'll wait till the schedule comes out before I commit. Early Bird pricing of $175.00 is available through November 22 and is a $75 savings over the standard conference price. Seating is limited and if we sell out with the Early Bird Special pricing we won't make any additional seats available (the building is only so big and being a historical building expansion is discouraged). You can register now at

Early Bird Registration for the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days is now open and will remain open until November 14, 2008. Early Bird registration is $175. 

The keynote speakers for the event his year will be Jeet Kaul and Eric Klein. Jeet is the Vice President of Developer Products and Programs at Sun Microsystems. As vice president of the Client Software Group, Jeet Kaul leads the global team which produces Sun's key user-oriented software technologies and platforms, including Java FX, Java ME, Java SE, Java Card and Content Delivery Server.

Eric Klein is the Vice President of Java Marketing at Sun Microsystems. His team is responsible for both product management and product marketing across the myriad of market segments Java is deployed in. Vision, roadmap, strategy, requirements, partner management, messaging, and go to market are all implemented by the Java Marketing team.

Additionally the conference organizers have preselected the following sessions:

  • Technical Sessions
  • Do It with LWUIT! (Sun)
  • MIDP3
It's a 11:19pm MST and right now we have 51 submissions for the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Call for papers. That's a little bit less than the 64 we had last year, but my guess is that by the time the night is over and the known and unknown stragglers show up we will be right around 60 submissions for the conferences crack staff of experts to start fleshing out the conference come Monday morning. 

Right now we have 36 technical sessions; 13 lightning talks, and 3 poster sessions. Like last year we have presentations submitted from Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, the US and Canada. You can see a full list of presentations here and look at the entries for September and August. Anyone who submitted a proposal should check to make sure we have their submission. We've done our best but something might have slipped though the cracks. If so let us know.

Alright, so what do you do if you missed the September 30 deadline? Get your act in gear as quickly as possible and submit your proposal immediately. As I said earlier the team will start reviewing Monday morning and the later you wait the more difficult it is to consider your proposal. Even if all you can do right now is provide us with placeholder do that.

This is shaping up to be another great conference and we look forward to everyone's participation. Early Bird registration will be beginning soon. Keep watching my blog, the Mobile & Embedded Community Home page and the conference web site for registration details.

The other day my wife came home talking about one of her staff member's husbands using Twitter for professional purposes. He's the editor of the local newspaper and got me thinking that maybe it would be a good idea for the Mobile & Embedded Community to have a twitter account. 

Community Leaders could post snippets on our travels and other events that are happening in the community. We will also post highlights from the community front page and other sources.

Community members or other interested Mobile, Media, & Embedded developers could allow us to follow their happening with their twitter accounts. Keep us up on the professional happenings of others. Let us know about a JUG meeting or what you are working on. If we get enough information flowing I will see if we can get the RSS feed published on the M&E community main page.

How well will it work? No idea, but it seems like it is at least worth a try so I either wisely or foolishly, only time will tell, created a Mobile & Embedded Community twitter account.

You can find the twitter account at Follow what's happening and ask us to follow you as well. We can leverage twitter to make the Mobile & Embedded Community even large and more interactive (I hope).

Or as I use to say when I did the radio show back in high school, "It will keep you up on what is coming down on the campus the Mobile & Embedded Community." Yeah, that was a LONG time ago, wasn't it!

Conference rescheduled to January 21-22, 2009 

Call for Papers now closing September 30, 2008

In organizing any conference there comes a time when as the conference organizer you have to put a stake in the ground and choose a date. Before choosing that date a lot of research goes into the selection. Will everyone you want there be able to attend. Are there any key conflicts. Will you have the right support staff. Is the proper facility available. You look at everything and then choose a date thinking it is right. 

Most of the time it is and the conference goes off as planned on the scheduled date, but sometimes some diabolical force is against you and all your good research. After a few "Nuts" and "Gollys" it is pretty obvious that a gut wrenching and embarrassing reschedule is required. Such is the case with the second edition of the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days.

The Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days has been rescheduled to January 21-22, 2009. It will still be held in the Santa Clara Auditorium on the Sun Campus in Santa Clara, CA. Additionally, we are extending the call for papers from September 15 to September 30.

There were a variety of reasons for making this change. Chief among them was an extra cost of running the conference in November and the loss of key personal during the original dates. Additionally, we know that the extra time would allow those of you traveling from outside of the United States enough time to acquire the appropriate visas. The fact that we're getting an extra 2 months of planning time put the decision into a no brainer category.

So we're back to our date of last year, the Wednesday and Thursday after Martin Luther King's birthday. It's too early to tell if this a habit but it certainly appears that way. We do know that this is a time period that a number of attendees can make.

So while the temperature is temped for Californians that time of year, the rest of us that live in areas that actually have winter can appreciate the green grass. I just have to figure out how to get a heater in the foyer of the building. Hummm...

Looking forward to seeing you in January at the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days. For more information about the conference goto

Last January the Mobile & Embedded Community sponsored the first ever Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. The second of these annual events will be hosted at the Santa Clara Auditorium November 12-13, 2008 and this time we're expanding and renaming the event Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days 2008.

The conference is devoted solely to the technologies of mobile , media, and embedded Java platforms and is targeted for application developers of intermediate and advanced skill levels, platform developers, and technical personnel at tool vendors, OEMs and carriers.

Content areas are expected to include the traditional phone and PDAs development on the Java ME platform as well as Media, SunSPOT wireless sensors, Trackbot and Java robotics, and other small Java systems used in machinery and process control but centered around Java, JavaME, and open source aspects of Java. We want this to be a community-driven conference. We are looking forward to your involvement in making this an interesting and interactive event.

The Call for Papers will begin August 12, 2008 and will end September 15, 2008. Registration is expected to be open October 1, 2008. For more information about the conference goto

Presentation Formats

Attendees can expect detailed technical presentations in the following presentations styles:
  • Technical Sessions: Detailed presentations by industry leaders
  • Lightening Talks: 5 to 7 minute soap box or project presentations
  • Poster Presentations: Displays, demos, etc, displayed in the lobby, staffed during breaks and special sessions.
  • Panel Sessions: Panel of industry experts discussing what you wantto know
  • Fishbowl: What conference would be complete without a fishbowlwhere the entire audience gets involved

Paper Submissions

The call for papers is currently open. Fill in the following form and submit your presentation ideas to Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2008

Subject Line:-

The Mobile & Embedded Community Governances Board has called for nominations for the two open Governances Board positions effective immediately. Any member can nominate an active member in the Mobile & Embedded Community to serve as a Governance Board Member. All nominations will be reviewed by the current Mobile & Embedded Community Governance to verify that the nominee is interested in the position and complies with current Governance Board Member requirements. 

Elections will be held July 14 through July 28 though a mechanism still yet to be determined. All members will be able to vote in the election.

Nominations should be sent to Full details on the Mobile & Embedded Governances Board can be found at here.

You woke up Saturday morning and realized that the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days, the conference with 26 intermediate to advanced technical sessions, 14 lightning talks and 12 poster session that you wanted to attend since it was announced, closed it registration on Friday at midnight and you forgot to register.

Ok don't give up and don't despair, we changed our minds and have decided to keep registration open a while longer. We still have a few seats open and don't want anyone that wants to be there to miss it. That said you could help us out just a bit by actually registering sooner than later.

Register now at the conference home page. This is a great conference by developers, for developers and you don't want to miss it.


MEDD - SPOTs Away Blog

Posted by brinkley Jan 18, 2008

In WWII the bombardier would yell, "bombs away" as the bombs left the airplane. Attendees at the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days will have an opportunity to win one of four SunSPOTs Java Developer Kit.

The Contest

Throughout the first day attendees will hear several presentations on SunSPOTS. Any attendees that wants to enter the contest will submit a proposal on "What I would do if I won the SunSPOT Java Developer Kit" to conference organizer by 4:30 pm on Wednesday January 23.

Judging Criteria

All Entries will be judged by the SunSPOTs development team based on the following equally judging criteria:

  • 40% Innovative use of SunSPOTs
  • 20% Commercial or educational utility
  • 20% Usefulness in the SunSPOTs projects in Mobile & Embedded Community
  • 20% Chance for success

The SunSPOTs development team will then select a maximum of 8 projects. Those selected will be given 1 minute to present to the conference there proposal and then the conference attendees will vote on each proposal. The four sessions with most number of votes will be declared the winners. In the event of a tie, the person among the tied Entries with the highest score in innovation will be declared the winner.

How to Prepare

Go to the SunSPOTworldand read as much as possible about SunSPOTs. Read the forums, ask question, catch up on the documents so that when you come to the conference you have some type of an idea of what you would do with a SunSPOTs Java Developer Kit if you won.

And Don't Forget

If you haven't already registered for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days it isn't too late. Register now at the conference home page. This is a great conference by developers, for developers and you don't want to miss it.

One of the goals of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days was to get all of the mobile & embedded developers together in one meeting at a given location to hear the premiere collection of intermediate to advanced topics given by the industries most knowledgeable presenters. Realizing that you can probably only achieve this goal once a year we had a second goal of trying to make this event a world wide event.

I'm happy to say that we have achieved both goals. We will be doing a live broadcast world wide using If you haven't had any prior experience with this tool you are in for a real treat. In addition the live broadcast, has a wide range of features including chat, an applause meter, polls and comments. We'll be using all of these features when we go live at 8:30 PST on January 23.

Where to find the broadcast

We are still toying with idea of requiring an account to be able to chat so you might want to set up and account on in advance of event on next Wednesday.

To attend or not attend, that is the question

There is only so much we do with regard to a live broadcast at the event but we will cover as much as we possibly can. We will cover each and every session. When we have dual sessions we will cover both of the sessions. It will be the next best thing to being there.

But it won't be the same as being there. No matter how hard we try it just is not the same as being there in person. We won't be able to cover the poster sessions. We won't cover lunch. Trust me I've watched my colleagues eat before and it is not worth covering. And of course we will not be covering the social event or the bar camp.

An former co-worker of mine once told me that the most important aspect of any conference isn't the content that you hear but the people that you meet. As we said once before the emphasis on the conference is an intimate conference where application developers get to rub elbows with other application developers along with the operators, manufactures, and platform developers. Relationships initiated here will be beneficial over the next year and beyond. Combine that with some other activities specific to attendees and you got some pretty strong reasons to attend.

I can make it

So if you can make it and you haven't signed up yet go to Mobile & Embedded Developer Dayshome page and register while registration is still open. Remember this is conference by developers for developers.

I can not make it

If you can not make it, and especially if you live outside of the United States, get as many of your associates together as possible and watch the broadcast together. Create your own local version of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days in a city near you and tell us about it. Terrence and I would be thrilled if we had over a thousand simultaneous viewers watching James Gosling's keynote and the rest of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days broadcasts. ]]>


MEDD - Poster Sessions Blog

Posted by brinkley Jan 14, 2008

I am thinking that there is a good chance that one of the most interesting presentation formats at the Mobile and Embedded Developer Days, January 23-24, won't be the technical sessions or the lightning talks but the poster ]]>

What is a poster sessions?

Poster sessions come from the acdemic world and where they are used to advertise research. For MEDD the primary purpose of a poster is the communication of information and ideas to the attendees by combining text and graphics to make a visually-pleasing presentation.

A poster presentation involves showing your poster to numerous attendees at the conference in the main auditorium. As viewers walk by your poster should quickly and efficiently communicate your given topic. Unlike the fast pace of a slide show or verbal presentation, a Poster Session allows viewers to study and restudy your information and discuss it with you one-on-one. The posters should present general information and invite viewers to ask more detailed questions of the presenters.

I found the following points about posters from a Sign up now and join the rest of the mobile and embedded developers for 24 technical sessions, 14 lightning talks, 9 (currently) poster sessions, a social event, and a bar-camp in Santa Clara January 23-24.


MEDD - Social Event Blog

Posted by brinkley Jan 14, 2008

Back in December organizers of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days (January 23-24, Santa Clara, CA) were trying to decide where to have the social event. A couple of hotels and their cavernous meeting rooms were suggested and throughly checked out but didn't meet the conference needs.

This is the first time we've done MEDD and we want the social event to be something that would be unique and memorable. We were also looking for an intimate setting where attendees could unwind for dinner and drinks at the end of 10 hour conference day. We found the perfect place just 3 miles from conference auditorium

Maria Elena's Taqueria Restaurantisn't your typical conference dinner stop. But then the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days isn't your typical conference either. Maria Elena's serves some the best Mexican dishes in the bay area. It's seating is close and cosey and the service is...well...what service should be. Once we started talking to the manager we realized it was the obvious choice.

We're going to start dinner right after the Developing and Deploying Content in the Real World panel discussion. Well right after means however long it takes us to load up in cars and drive 3 miles north (no cutting out early). Get there as soon as you can because it will be buffet style serving and communal seating. The staff will keep serving until everyone is stuffed and the cash bar should help wash everything down. Mix in some spirited table conversations and we've got exactly what we were looking for in a social event.

Now I wouldn't suggest that you should come to conference just because of Maria Elena's. You can and should go there on your own anytime your in in the bay area. But I would suggest that this is going to be an intimate social event and an itimate conference. A conference by developers for developers that you'll remember and benefit from for a long time. Sign up now at Mobile & Embedded Developer Days website. It's the best $225 you will spent this year.