As it was announced before, Marge 0.5 is out. In this post, I am going to demonstrate an interesting new feature called AutoConnect. AutoConnect is indeed to automatically connect Bluetooth devices. It has some limitations due to some bad implementations and has some scenarios that maybe it is not the best option, but still very interesting and is definitely awesome to make something with a few lines of code! For more information about the new release and this feature, please check So, nothing better than show a video... [sometimes I think I should have done cinema :) ]... Anyway, if you have not seen any Marge videos yet, try "Project Marge Interview", "My laptop is detecting my presence" and "Giant Blue Pong (my Bluetooth Atari)". Too much talk, take a look at the new "Building a Java ME Bluetooth chat in 12 minutes..." too. Could you not understand what happened in Netbeans code editor? Neither do I!!! It is better to download the full video (30MB). Hope you enjoy! 
If you want more about Marge, go to If you want to help, please send an email to We would love to hear suggestions and have you in our team! Go ahead! Marge your Bluetooth app!