Well, Richard Bair was kind enough to tag me, but I'm not sure if it was out of pity, or simply out of convenience (we work about 3.5 feet from each other). I've been shocked by how prevalent this whole tag thing has been recently; I mean, doesn't it remind you of those lame chain emails circa 1996? I told myself, "Self, if this tagging thing ever reaches you, you'd better not play along! Those other bloggers are being so vain! Remember your principles!"

But it's a new year (a time for resolutions), and I should probably resolve to stop resisting social phenomena just for the sake of resistance. Then again, I usually resist making new year's resolutions as well, for all the same reasons. (Late last year, Chet and I summed up this philosophy as: "I'm sticking it to the man, but the man ain't listening.")

Anyway, that's it. I give in. Here are five things you may not know about me:

  • My two favorite things in the whole wide world: sheep that wear coats, and inverted umbrellas on windy/rainy day in Manhattan.

  • I'm the sole member (a "non-musician" of sorts [but to compare myself to Eno would be ludicrous]) of a number of bands, some real (La Bonne Soupe), some less real (Shimmy, Burt Rido and the Texas Nachos). The second La Bonne Soupe album, "Literary Gentlemen," was released in November 2006 to worldwide accla... fanfa... umm, something. You can listen to it in full here(not gapless, unfortunately) on the not-so-great-but-at-least-it-aint-myspace bebo.com...

  • When I was 5, I wrote my first BASIC program on our Commodore 64. It was something like a New York State information guide (yes, that was my patriotic year), with lots of menus and very little content. When I was 14, I led a group of random folks in building a virtual reality amusement park (anyone remember REND386?). Yes, that was one of many dorky years, but as you can see graphics programming is in my blood. More on "dzzyland" here; it still runs, if you can track down all the pieces.

  • I'm afflicted by some really silly, non-debilitating medical conditions; for example:

    • Reynaud's syndrome -- my left middle finger goes white when the temperature drops below 55 F; my right ring finger will follow suit below 50 F
    • Sleep paralysis -- it comes and goes, but is most common when my sleep schedule is confused; this condition has been an endless source of amusement for my close friends

  • If I could have lunch with anyone, it would probably be Woody Allen. If I could choose our waiter: Ricky Gervais.


Okay, that's that. I still feel dirty about keeping this phenomenon alive, but I hope these colleagues of mine have more willpower than I do: Shannon, Alex, Artem, and Jasper.

In my ears: Cluster, "Cluster '71"
In my eyes: William Faulkner, "Absalom, Absalom"