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Dojo REST Comet Presentation slides and Sample code

Yesterday I gave a talk on Dojo REST and Comet at the Northern Virginia JUG.


Dojo 1.2 Presentation slides and Sample code

Dojo is an open source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. It includes many utilities that go beyond Ajax.
This Presentation and Sample code demonstrates the usage of dojo 1.2.  The material for this presentation and code comes from the book of dojo  at: .

Download the dojo 1.2  Sample Application Code


Running the Sample Code

The sample code for this tip is available as a NetBeans project. You can build and run the sample code using the NetBeans IDE.

Setting Things Up

  1. Download and install NetBeans bundled with Glassfish.
  2. or Download and install GlassFish V2 separately.
    or you can download the latest Java EE bundles built on the GlassFish application server.
  3. If you downloaded Glassfish separately, Add the GlassFish server to NetBeans:

    • Start NetBeans and switch to the Runtime window (Ctrl+5).
    • Right-click the Servers node and select Add Server.
    • Select Sun Java System Application Server.
    • Browse to the location where you installed GlassFish and select Finish.

Open and Run the Sample code:

  1. Download the sample code and extract its contents. You should now see the newly extracted directory as<sample_install_dir>/dojo12App, where<sample_install_dir> is the directory where you installed the sample package. For example, if you extracted the contents to C:\ on a Windows machine, then your newly created directory should be at C:\dojo12App.

  2. Start the NetBeans IDE. Click Open Project in the File menu and select the dojoApp directory you just unzipped.

  3. Run the project as follows:

    • Right click the dojo12App node in the Projects window.
    • Select Run Project.
When you run the project, your browser should display the opening page of the dojo Sample Application (at http://localhost:8080/dojo12App/).

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