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RESTful Web Services Pet Catalog screencast

This is a screencast about an example Pet Store Catalog application which shows how to expose a Catalog as a RESTful Web Service for remote client applications, and shows a Dojo client which gets and displays the Web Service responses in a dynamic Ajax table ( Dojo grid).

Dojo REST Comet Hands On Lab

Yesterday I gave a Hands on Lab on  REST dojo and Comet with Netbeans 6.5,  Glassfish V2, and MySQL   at JFall.

JAX-RS provides a standardized API for building RESTful web services in Java. Central to the RESTful architecture is the concept of resources identified by universal resource identifiers (URIs). The API  provides a set of annotations which you can add to Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs)  to expose web resources identified by URIs


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