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I am launching a new online project, to help DBAs out there (which is the whole purpose of this blog as well): Dear DBA's Oracle Ref Desk


It's a web page that's designed to be used as the home page of your browser.  The focus of the available information is the Oracle database. The idea is to have handy:

  1. relevant blog posts
  2. tweets (from Twitter) relevant to the work of a DBA
  3. bookmarks to DBA blogs, SQL resources, scripts
  4. links to relevant documentation

That start page can also be used to keep track of some Oracle community activity.  There's a "Social/OUG/Communities" tab for that: the tabs.jpg

In that tab on the far right, you will find community resources from Oracle corp (again, what is useful to DBAs): tweets from the Oracle Support Team, links to OTN threads.  There are also links to Oracle user group events (updates coming up) and more to come.

Here is what it looks like at launch time:

Oracle DB tab.jpg

The search field at the top lef-hand corner allows you to use the search engines listed to the righ of it.  So instead of rushing to your favorite search engine's home page, use Dear DBA's Oracle Ref Desk instead!

You will see that there is room left for more resources.  I cannot possibly know all the good resources for DBAs that are available on the Internet.  So please help me out, and our community of DBAs: tell me (use the comments on this blog post) which resources should appear on that start page.  I am willing to consider any suggestion.  So an added boon of that page is that you can have its author tailor it to your needs!

Sincerely hoping to better your everyday experience as an Oracle DBA, I look forward to your feedback.

Frank (a.k.a. Dear DBA)