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As a long time SQLDeveloper user, I recently thought I should share my know-how and some tips and tricks on that wonderful tool that I deem very helpful to both DBAs and developers.  To that effect, I have designed a 50-mn presentation, with live demos of SQLDeveloper, entitled "How to Improve Your Productivity with SQLDeveloper".  I was selected to give that presentation last May both at DOAG's Databanken 2016 and at OUGF's Harmony 16.

Here is the abstract of my presentation, just to make your mouth water:Harmony16HTIYPWSabstract.jpg

This presentation is mostly a demo of Oracle's SQLDeveloper.  For those who do not yet use that product, it will give an overview of its capabilities and, in all likelihood, make their mouth water.  For those who know it already, it will open their eyes to some fantastic possibilities, right at their fingertips.  This demonstration should render SQLDeveloper more useful to attendees by orders of magnitude.

The demonstration follows a realistic scenario, as we will pretend we are tasked by our manager to
- extract some data from a source database
- create a new table in a destination database
- import that data into that new table
- run into an out-of-space problem, and quickly fix it
- optimise a SELECT statement, compare execution plans
- fix a live performance problem

To accomplish those tasks, we will leverage SQLDeveloper's many user-friendly features, with tips and tricks galore along the wayWe will also cover formatting code, search and replace, command history, reports, schema comparisons, monitoring, automatic script generation, and how to learn more about the Oracle database thanks to SQLDeveloper!

Attendees will leave with
- tips to do their daily tasks faster
- the knowledge that SQLDeveloper can accomplish much more than meets the eye
- ideas to work smarter

Whether you use SQLDeveloper to administer databases, write code, simply interrogate databases, or whatever else you need to do, this presentation will give you many tips and tricks to be better at what you do, and open new possibilities for you and your database projects.