You might remember I kicked off my career as a speaker at Oracle conferences last May (see my July blog post).  After not doing well in Dusseldorf at DOAG Databanken 2016, I was surprised to find out that DOAG selected my new talk "Performance Tuning with SQL Developer" for their big DOAG 2016 conference in Nurenberg on November 15-18, arguably the biggest Oracle conference in Europe.20161115_164219.jpg  On my way to Nurnberg, I stopped over in Köln and made a flash visit to the wonderful Köln cathedral (maybe the tallest in Europe, see picture).  If you go through Köln sometime, do like me, it's a must-see!20161114_094214.jpg


The DOAG conference + exhibition is impressive in terms of size and numbers.  I understand there were more than 2000 registered participants, 400 sessions, 120 speakers.


There are more pictures to be seen on the DOAG2016 website :


On the first evening, I got to take part in the Speakers' dinner, in a cosy restaurant in the center of Nurnberg.  On the 2nd day, I got to deliver my presentation in this big 255-seat room (see video)

My talk was mostly a demonstration of SQLDeveloper's performance tuning features.  There was a lot to show but I managed to go through most of what I had prepared in 45mn.


But most of all, I got to attend quality presentations by other speakers, that taught me important stuff like this for example: 20161116_094627.jpg

And you know what?  All the presentation material is available for download:

So for me, DOAG 2016 was BIG!!!!