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Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 23rd: I gave 2 presentations to about 30 members of SIOUG:




Oddity: I got to stay in a hangar with carboard/wooden boxes as offices/bedrooms inside:20170523_080646.jpg I recommend it!



Madrid, Spain, May 24: Speakers' Dinner: 20170524_220125.jpg

May 25: Technical SPOUG Day, in Oracle's Madrid offices: 20170525_154140.jpg

I did my "Performance Tuning with SQLDeveloper" live demo in front of about 40 people: MadridMay25DearDBA.jpg


May 30-31st, Dusseldorf: I gave my "DBAs, Secure Your Listener" talk to about 50 people at DOAG Databank : 20170530_130252.jpg20170530_131557.jpg


Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 21st: during UKOUG's Scotland 2017 event,ougscot17.gif

I did my "Performance Tuning with SQLDeveloper live demo" in front of about 15 people. 20170621_135744.jpg