After looking up the various Oracle VirtualBox images that Oracle makes freely available, I decided that the Oracle Data Integrator 12c VM was cool as it could meet several of my needs.  It features:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux (64-bit) version 6.4 with unbreakable linux kernel 2.6.39-400.17.1.el6uek.x86_64
  • Oracle EE Database
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle GoldenGate


To obtain it, you must accept the  licence agreement, then download 5 zip files:

Then open file 001 with your zip program:


Once uncompressed, you should get one 9GB .ova file:


which you must then import as an appliance into VirtualBox:


When you import the appliance, change a few settings.


First rename the virtual machine to a short name with no spaces: you will be thankful when you write scripts and when using VBoxManage (the VirtualBox CLI). Modify the description to mention the date you imported that appliance (always good to know how old your VMs are).  Modify the path to the hard drive files (the .vmdk files): make it short and without spaces. Again you will be thankful at the command line.  Lower its RAM requirements (you can always increase that later) but make sure you make the VM use at least 2 of your processors (this is Oracle software you know!). Make sure you add a shared folder to your VM:


And last but not least, in "Network", click on "Advanced" then on "port forwarding" :

Then add a line such as this, with a port of your choice that's redirected to port 1521, the port of the listener on your VM,

so as to access the Oracle database that's on your VM from your host!

C:\Oracle\sqldev\sqlcl\bin\sql.bat system/oracle@//localhost:1530/orcl