In the wee hours of Sunday the 3rd

I shall soar as a bird

Hoping not to be smashed to smithereens

On the UK-bound flight to TECH17


More seriously, yes I am going to TECH17.  For 2 reasons this time: teach and learn.




I will give 2 presentations.  The first one is... the first one on SuperSunday.It's about a paramount subject: the security of the Oracle database listener, which is the part of the Oracle database that controls remote access to your databases.  So it had better be secure!  I will share some features that are simple to implement and very effective.

The second presentation will be on Wednesday at 2:45PM.  It's a one of a kind presentation: we are going to avail ourselves of smartphone and internet technology to have a bit of fun with a quizz that you can participate in with your smartphone and learn or review interesting things to know about the Oracle database (hush hush, the questions are top-secret!).



I am looking forward to listening to plenty of other great presentations.  I also would like to discuss to issues I am faced with at work.

1. how to deliver/provision hundreds of Oracle database (11gR2 or 12cR1) as fast as possible

2. how to refresh a QA primary database with data from production without breaking its Dataguard standby databases


If you have ideas or experience on these two issues, please talk to me during the conference.  You will find me with the TECH17 smartphone app or on Twitter.