1. About


The following demonstrates how to enable users tom and bob to modify cron as user oracle.


OS: Oracle Linux 7


2. Example


Login as root:


[root@localhost ~]# groupadd oracron

[root@localhost ~]# adduser oracle


[root@localhost /]# visudo


Insert the following (press i):


## Allow members of the oracron group to execute crontab -e as user oracle

%oracron ALL=(oracle) NOPASSWD: crontab -e


Save and exit (type :wq)


Add user tom and bob to the oracron group.


[root@localhost ~]# usermod -a -G oracron tom

[root@localhost ~]# usermod -a -G oracron bob


Login as user tom or bob and execute the following respectively:


[tom@localhost ~]$ sudo -u oracle crontab -e

[bob@localhost ~]$ sudo -u oracle crontab -e




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