Today in the morning I attend the JUGDay, an event from RSJUG, the Rio Grande do Sul Java Users Group. Going to these events is always a good opportunity to find friends, do some networking and share knowledge. Well, I gave in the morning a tutorial about Agile Methodologies, focusing in Tools for Java projects using Agile Methodologies. It was divided in two parts, one about the basics and mechanics about Agile Methodologies, talking about XP, Scrum,FDDand Lean Development. The other one was a practical part, where I talked about White box testing, JUnit, FIT, Emma, Black box testing, Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control, Continuous Integration, Cruise Control, Code Audit, PMD, performance testing, JMeterand how companies can start increasing the usage of Agile Methodologies, code quality and testing skills with the help of some tools. For the second part I made use of the presentation I made last year in Just Java 2007, a big event here in Brazil. Check here:  But the important to say here as I was saying today in the tutorial, you need first to change your culture to use those tools for the good of a project. Tools will not do the hard work, they are big helpers though. If you want to become Agile, well, I can help you out. If you want to check the first presentation used in the event, see bellow (it is in portuguese) :  Also, if you want to check the code used in the presentation, please access the BankAccount project inside the FUJA code base. There you find examples using those tools mentioned before, including an ANT build file to run all those tools together.