John Gage mentions that all the badges are RFID tagged. Talked about some of the things that can be done with this data. Who went to the most sessions? What session had the most attendees?

Talked about SeeBeyond acquisition, which just transacted this morning. SeeBeyond is an integration company. Competes with TIBCO. I think this buy does give Sun a competitive position in integration for SOA.

More content about how far Java has come.

Touts the success of JCP. 912 members. Do people agree that JCP works? Being a spec lead myself, I think it does, and is getting better.

Java Card. Olivier Piou, Axalto.

Sharing. It would be interesting to measure the amount of wealth created by Sun vs other companies. Industries and markets created. Touts the sharing successes of Sun. Help drive TCP/IP adoption against Microsoft Lan Manager. NFS. Claiming JCP's responsibility for success of spread of Java.

Talks about the digital divide. I hope he explains why eliminating the digital divide makes money for Sun? Bono and UN held up as examples of the power of sharing.

Dimensions of digital divide. Healthcare. Slide showing labyrinth of nodes to get healthcare. Barriers in healthcare: rising costs, healthcare dollars wasted, shortage of providers. Then shows a slide cleaning up the labyrinth with NHIN.

Brazil video. Every Brazillian has full health care. Held up as an example of the benefits of a national ID system. They said very little about security and privacy aspects.

Fabiane Nardon CTO Brazillian National Health Care System. Makes the case for the real world benefits of the system.

Next dimension: Education. Another labyrinth slide. Teacher education, access to best content, technology obselence, broken funding model. "Not sure we need campuses other than for parents to get the kids out of the house when they're 17 or 18." But to his credit, he does mention the benefits of socialization of a real campus. Glad to see it. JEDI: Java Education and Development Initiative. Global Education Learning Community (GELC). A community. Open source curriculum. Using Java Community Process to develop text books. A great idea. Then mentions the student developer community.

Sharing through ART. Go bid on Java ART. Raise money for the East Palo Alto Education charity.

Duke's choice award.

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