My goodness it's late. JavaOne will do that to you. I can't let a conference day pass without writing at least something of the day.

Here's a testamonial to the power of having a large part of the Java community present at JavaOne. At Java Licensee Day I sat on a panel to be grilled by the licensees and Barry Coleman from ATG mentioned that payroll processing company ADP is using JSF for at least some of their revenue generating apps. Apparently ATG uses ADP for their payroll processing. Anyhow, I thought that was great and when someone (Doug) asked me about commercial JSF deployments at the smackdown today, I mentioned that ADP was a big commmercial user. It just so happens that one of the people that worked on it, Jon Cochran, was in the audience and introduced himself to me after the talk. Very cool!

Regarding the smackdown in general. First I want to say thanks to Kevin Osborn for moderating and to Jim Driscoll for recommending him. My main goal for this session was to entertain the audience and Kevin really made the session very fun. Also thanks to the panelists for being such good sports and playing along. I hope it was informative for people. I'd love to hear comments. I think it turned out pretty well, everyone defended their turf nicely, but I thought JSF came out on top (DING!) Seriously, though it was great to share with the audience some insight into the differences between the frameworks.

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