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With the help of Kohsuke Kawaguchi's most excellent maven plugin, and several iterations of trial and error, we now have the JSF 1.2 api and impl jars available under the same license as Glassfish on the maven repository.

Put this in your or


groupId: javax.faces

artifactId: jsf-api

artifactId: jsf-impl

currentVersion: 1.2-b12-SNAPSHOT

These bits will be updated as we do more promoted builds and move closer to completion on JSF 1.2.

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As mentioned in an earlier blog, Glassfish has successfully run Oracle's ADF Faces components. If you look in the comments, though, there were some bugs that prevent it from running in the latest Glassfish, but happily these have now been fixed. I have verified that this has been successfully fixed in today's nightly glassfish build, after overlaying the latest JSF nightly on top of it. The rest of this blog will cover how to perform an overlay of a JSF nightly build on top of a glassfish binary or source build. This is necessary until the next JSF integration into Glassfish, which is scheduled for today, but won't be available in a promoted build until next week.

The JSF Team has a new, experimental, download offering in its Documents and Files section that will overlay the latest JSF nightly onto a given glassfish install directory. Please visit the nightly build section of the JSF Documents and Files project and download the jsf-glassfish-updater.jar. This file contains the latest JSF nightly and can be executed as follows to install it into glassfish.

java -jar jsf-glassfish-updater.jar <PATH_TO_YOUR_GLASSFISH_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>

Where PATH_TO_YOUR_GLASSFISH_INSTALL_DIRECTORY is the parent of the lib, bin,domains (and so on) directories.

The jsf-glassfish-updater.jar file will be updated nightly with the latest JSF nightly build, and is a great way to get the latest JSF in cases where there is no available Glassfish build with the bug-fix you need, or you just don't want to download a whole new Glassfish.

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It was pointed out to me on the ##jsf channel on that we didn't have a link to the source snapshot for the JSF 1.1_01 build. This has been fixed and I've updated page to include a link to the 1.1_01 source released under the Java Research License.

This blog just collects some bugs I've filed on NetBeans and the fixes and workarounds they have. Also, I want to take this opportunity to say that the netbeans team is incredibly responsive to bug reports, especially finding and marking duplicates. Us users really appreciate it. Personally, as a member of Sun's JSF team, you are an inspiration for me to be more responsive to my bugs!

  • The focus lost bug

    This one appears to be Mac only and apparently the result of a bug in the Mac JDK, which has been filed. Tim Bray reported the following workaround:

    There is a well-known workaround: using the menu, select Edit/Find. Dismiss the dialogue and you have focus back.
  • Expand the projects node to the document that currently has the focus.

    I love this one. On the Mac, with emacs mode enabled, the shortcut is Shift-Meta-1. Likewise for the files and and favorites tab it's Shift-Meta-2 and Shift-Meta-3 respectively.

  • Support for

    There is now a wizard for creating Nice.

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There are many more but that's all I have time for now.

As announced by Jonas Jacobi in his blog, Oracle has donated portions of its ADF Faces component library to the MyFaces project. This library is JSF 1.1 based. I'm writing to let you know that, due to Oracle's participation in the JSF 1.2 expert group, these components have already been tested with Glassfish and run quite well under JSF 1.2. Furthermore, the MyFaces tomahawk components also run well on Glassfish and JSF 1.2. When the ADF Donation is fully integrted into the MyFaces project and available as a separate download from the MyFaces implementation, we'll make sure JSF 1.2 and Glassfish work with it as well.


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