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ANNOUNCEMENT: is currently Read only due to planned upgrade until 29-Sep-2020 9:30 AM Pacific Time. Any changes made during Read only mode will be lost and will need to be re-entered when the application is back read/write.

With the help of Kohsuke Kawaguchi's most excellent maven repository importer ant task, and several iterations of trial and error, we now have the JSF 1.2 and 1.1 api and impl jars available under the same license as Glassfish on the maven repository.

Put this in your or


    groupId: javax.faces

    artifactId: jsf-api

    artifactId: jsf-impl

    available versions: 1.1_02, 1.1_03-SNAPSHOT, 1.2, 1.2_01_B04, 1.2_01-SNAPSHOT


I have also updated the POMs.  If you're a JSF developer with committer access, please update the pom file in the source tree if you want to be more officially recognized.

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