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After a few months of steady improvements, we're ready to announce an early access release of Project Dynamic Faces (DynaFaces).  The project homepage is <>. This page has live demos of DynaFaces in action.

This project is being developed in Open Source, using the OSI approved CDDL license.  Your contributions and bug reports are very welcome!

Please visit the Slides and Screencasts page for an introductory presentation, and a screencast of that presentation, including demos.

The case for EL in Dolphin

If you're well connected to the JSF and Web Tier world, you'd know that the Expression Language used in JSF and JSP in Java EE 5 is slated to become a separate JSR.  It is my hope, and the hope of several others, that this JSR be moved into the core JDK in the Dolphin timeframe.

I'd like to use the comments on this blog entry to gather use cases to justify the inclusion of the EL into the core JDK.  I'll start off with some use-cases of mine, and some I collected from ##jsf.

  • Make it easier for different frameworks, notably web        frameworks, to interoperate

  • Make it easier to write frameworks.       

  • Make performing Inversion of Control easier, reduce        complexity of frameworks using IoC.  IoC is not just for        server apps.  It can benefit desktop apps as well (look at        Spring Rich Client).

  • Be the underpinning of how Beans        Binding links are specified. 

  • Could enable a markup based UI descriptions in Swing        and allow for easily specifying links between ui components        and their data models.

  • Desktop applictions also have the notion of scope, but           it goes beyond the normal "request/session/application", and           it tends to be more specific to the application requirements           itself.  For example, when doing a sub-dialog, you're really           entering into a scope.  It would be nice to have a place to           store model objects in that scope that would automatically go           away when the dialog is dismissed.  EL is a good way to do           that. 


Any others?  I'm sure I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg here.

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This week, my colleague Roger Kitain and I are sitting in the virtual advice booth, however, instead of doling out psychiatric help we're answering JSF questions.

Please stop by at and ask some questions.

My community support time that I normally spend on the JSF IRC channel is consumed with these questions this week, so you probably won't see me on the channel this week.  However, other weeks please visit the channel and you can chat with me directly.

Technorati Tags: edburns

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