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If you read (who doesn't?) you may know that I have been working very intermittantly since March 2006 to revive the Pluglet Project.  This project provides a sensible API to allow Firefox plugins to be written in the Java Programming language.

Working from the Orlando International Airport while waiting for my delayed flight up to the Ajax Experience Conference in Boston, MA, I managed to get the basic media player working, with sound too.  However, the only reason the stream feature works is that the design of the MediaPlayer pluglet simply gets the URL of the media file from the OnStartRequest callback, which it then fetches directly rather than using the stream APIs to get the data.  This is inefficient and not a general purpose solution.  The next step will be to implement the general stream APIs all the way.

Turns out my flight was mightily delayed and I'm stranded overnight in Atlanta.  On the bright side, the Hyatt Place near the airport is quite nice, has included breakfast and free wireless internet, which enabled me to check in this snapshot.

More later this week, if time allows.

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Much has been said and written about Wikipedia.  Many people contribute many hours to this noble cause.  I, on the other hand, have contributed one tiny factoid to this vast web 2.0 body of knowledge.


I slept well that night, after making that contribution, knowing that I had made the world 0.00000000000000000000001% better.

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