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We all know that Ryan Lubke is a top notch engineer, but did you also know he's a solid technical writer?  Ryan has been posting plenty of really useful content on his blog about JSF 2.0, including the series on new features in JSF 2.0. This entry summarizes the series thus far and gives links to each entry.

Part 1: ProjectStage

If you're a fan of Ruby on Rails, and let's face it, who isn't?, this blog entry coves a simple tip-o-the-hat to RoR found in JSF 2.0.

Part 2: Resources in JSF

If you've ever used Shale remoting or weblets with JSF and wished such a feature was in the core spec, your wish has come true.  We've also gone a few steps further, thanks to the EG, and added full localization, versioning and libries.

Part 3: The Resources Java API

Once we have you hooked on the idea of resources, and perhaps on our implementation of it in JSF, you might want to go deeper into how it works.  Here's your chance.

Part 4: Resources from EL

I love this one because it talks about a totally powerful use of the EL: to inline references to resources.  You get all the localized, versioned goodness of the resource system, straight from the EL.

Part 5: System Events

The JSF EDR has extended the JSF event system to include a publish/subscribe event bus for application events.  This blog entry shows how to use it.

Part 6: Pulling it all together: resource annotations

Now that we've established system events and resources, we have an example that pulls it all together: resource annotations.  If you've ever developed a JSF component and wished for a way for that component to declare dependencies on specific JavaScript, CSS or image files, this is the way it works!

I hope you find this content useful, I sure did because it gave me a high level view of the stuff I've been so closely working on for so long.

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