We had an expert group meeting for JSR-314-EG today. The goal of the meeting was to make process on the issues in our issue tracker of record at <https://javaserverfaces-spec-public.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectIssues>. Before the meeting, I took each of the issues in the current issue tracker, styled with the winning XSLT stylesheet and put them into 7 roughly equal buckets. I chose seven "issue captains" from the JSR-314 EG and Mojarra team and made each one responsible for "understanding" the issues in their bucket. That meant I could ask various questions to the group of issue captains and expect reasonably informed answers.

An hour before the meeting started, Ryan, Roger, Jim and I spent some time removing duplicates from each of our own issue captain lists. During the first 30 minutes of the meeting, we went through my issue captain list and removed duplicates. The process used in both cases: the "current" issue captain would reach each of their issues and the rest of the issue captains present would have to speak up if one of their issues was a clear duplicate of the "current" issue. The current issue captain would also make an assesment of whether or not the issue should be closed outright for any reason (FIXED, WONTFIX, etc). After 30 minutes of this, we gave up and moved on to the next exercise.

After the obvious duplicates were removed, I asked each issue captain to list their top five or so issues from their bucket list only that they would like to see addressed. This took about 50 minutes. With the remaining time, I asked each issue captain to give me their top five "easy" issues.

Here are some issue tracker queries with our results.

open issues remaining after this meeting: 180

issues resolved at this meeting: 59

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