At JSFOne, someone suggested modifying the navigation rule system such that if the to-view-id is absent from a navigation-case, the to-view-id value be inferred from the outcome.

This would mean the following is valid:


If the outcome is sayHello, the to-view-id is sayHello.xhtml.

If the outcome is sayGoodbye, the to-view-id is sayGoodbye.xhtml.

Naturally, I think if we do this we can dispense with the navigation-rules alltogether and say that if there is no navigation-rule for the page you're on, then just infer the to-view-id by takeing the outcome, tacking .xhtml onto it, and going there.

Is this a good idea?

If you're reading this blog and you're the person who gave me this idea, thanks and please follow up so we know who to blame thank.

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