During JSF 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, we relied on the old cardemo application to do end-to-end testing of the implementation. I was never satisfied with how this simple app exercised the code, and have been wanting to get a more real-world application.

Similar to the XSLT Stylesheet contest, I'm giving away a copy of my new bookSecrets of the Rockstar Programmers to the best sample app. You'll have to paypal me the shipping and handling cost. The winner can tell me how fast they want it and the costs will be calculated from there.

I'll judge the entrances according to the following requirements:

  • Application is fully self contained.

  • Small sized production application. Something like a web forum system or a simple blog engine.

  • Uses a database, preferably the database is built into the application, maybe something like JavaDB.

  • Is based on JSF 1.2

  • Does not require any JSF addons, uses only Java EE 5 standard APIs.

  • Runs without a hitch on Glassfish v2.

  • Easy to build from source and deploy.

You'll have to fill out and submit a Sun Contributor Agreement to submit an entry, since the entrys will include code.

We'll do the work of converting the application to JSF 2.0. Because Mojarra is open source, you can have access to the upgraded app!

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