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As I mention in every introductory JSF talk I give, Sun’sMojarra is the most popular implementation of JSF. Mojarra provides the JSF implementation for every major app server vendor except for Apache Geronimo, which uses Apache MyFaces. I recently took a poll of the JSF 2.0 expert group members regarding their use of Mojarra. I’ve collected the best of their responses in a little table on the Mojarra website, at <>. Though not a complete list of all EG members using Mojarra, it does give some insight into how the world’s top JSF experts feel about Mojarra.

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My IRC ##jsf pal Rogério Pereira has a successful and well peopled Portugese language JSF user group based in Brazil. At the moment the group is not specific to any physical location in Brazil, but perhaps in-person meetings can evolve in the future. It’s a great place to share skills and stories. For more information, please visit <>.

Technorati Tags: edburns

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