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JSF 2.0 Public Review Ballot Starts Tomorrow

Schedule as of 20090105

Schedule as of 20090105

The public review draft ballot for JSF 2.0 starts tomorrow and voting continues until close of business Monday 12 January 2008. This means that JCP Executive Committee members are able to cast their votes on whether or not the spec can proceed from its current Public Review Draft status to being revised into a Proposed Final Draft. The meaning of this ballot is described in section 3.2 of the JCP Process Document which I excerpt here.

 If the Public Draft Specification Ballot fails, the Expert Group will have 30 days to update the draft in response to the concerns raised by the EC and submit a revised version to the PMO. When the revised draft is submitted, there's another ballot called the "reconsideration ballot". If this ballot fails, the JSR will be closed and the Expert Group will disband. If the Public Draft Specification Approval Ballot (or reconsideration ballot) is successful, the Expert Group will prepare the Proposed Final Draft of the Specification by completing any revisions it deems necessary in response to comments received. EC Members may cast two types of votes: "yes" and "no". Alternatively, a Member may explicitly abstain or, in the extreme and undesirable case, not vote at all. 

If you happen to have some kind of channel to one or more of the individuals on the Java EE Executive Committee, please share your thoughts with them to help inform their ballot vote. We've received a few comments to and also to this discussion thread but more input is always welcome. You can simply post a reply to this blog entry if you want!

On the right is a snapshot of our latest spec schedule. You can see that we're nearly done!

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