Back in March, I was able to deliver on a long-ago-made promise to make the JSF EG discussions observable by everyone.  One must accept the legal terms in order to view the discussions, but the process is simple and to date at least 70 individual have registered to observe the list.  Dan Allen, the JBoss representitive on the JSR-314 group, and a stalwart advocate for open-ness, suggested we promote the existing process for taking in public feedback on the spec: send an email to We'll spice this up with the guarantee that one of the EG members will moderate mails sent to this list and forward them on to the EG.  The responsibility for being list moderator will rotate among EG members and will start with Dan Allen himself.

Now that the spec has passed Final Approval Ballot, it's just a matter of time before the official spec is downloadable from In the meantime, you can get it at <> Sun's Mojarra implementation is very solid, and is integrated into Glassfish V3 Preview, along with NetBeans ready sample projects.  In addition, the Mojarra Implementation runs just fine on Tomcat and Jetty and can be downloaded at <>.

Don't be shy, you can consider as the posting address to the mailing list, which is now formally moderated by the EG.

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