While speaking at the Globalcode Developer's conference in Rio de Janeiro, I met a dynamic and intelligent student by the name of Thiago Diogo. Thiaogo presented his group's work on student project to provide a real, mission critical distributed application for his university, Universidade Federal Fulminense. They chose JSF 1.2 and Seam as a part of their stack.

One idea Thiaogo shared with me was a memcachedJSF component. We kicked the idea around and I mentioned it would be pretty easy to invent a JSF component that acted like a<span> tag that simply meant, “the rendered output of any JSF components inside of me should come from memcached, if possible”. I don't have time to start on this idea right now, so I thought I'd share it out here in my blog in case anyone else wanted to pick it up, or if anyone else has already done this! When I get time, I'll try adding it to the Mojarra sandbox components, but in the meantime, anyone can have at it!

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