I'm organizing my thoughts for my JavaOne talk HyperproductiveJSF 2.0 and I want to build the talk around the most common waysthat time is wasted when using JSF in a project. I've talked to lots ofusers, in many different kinds of organizations over the years but it'shard to organize the stories. So, I'm coming, cap in hand, to theblogosphere asking people to share the things that have caused them towaste development time when using JSF in production.

Here's a list to get you started. Please share things that havesimply taken too long to do when developing with JSF. You don't need tosay why it took too long, or how you worked around it.

  • Deployment step is slow

  • Server startup/shutdown slow

  • Have to restart the server too frequently

  • Complex server environment

  • Build is compiling/packaging things that haven't changed

  • Runtime library version mismatches

  • I have to get resources from all over the place in order to just build the war.

  • Getting all the necessary elements of the distributed system up and running takes too long.

  • I'm not getting the most out of my tools. They should be providing me shortcuts, but they are not.

  • Because there are so many different ways to do the same thing in JSF, we waste a lot of time trying to reconcile the different ways in different parts of the project.

  • We don't make use of continuous integration tools, so the builds are occasionally corrupt.

Anything else?

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