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Last week, I sent a code review request to the Mojarra dev list.  As you can see, no-one responded, but when a good friend and longtime Mojarra comitter (the winner of this contest) popped into the JSF IRC chat room, I asked him to review the changebundle.


We played IM tag for a while and when he finally caught me he brought a potential issue to my attention.  The issue hinges on the answer to this quention: What happens when YOURAPP is deployed at and you call externalContext.getRequestContextPath()?  Does it return "/YOURAPP" or "/a/b/c/YOURAPP"?  My friend even found this very apropos forum question: <>. Thanks to some still-yet-to-be-blogged-about efforts with Hudson, I was able to get the line in question in the source level debugger in less than two minutes, with the absolute latest checked out source.  It turns out, in GlassFish 3.1 at least, it returns "/a/b/c/YOURAPP", which is correct.


This blog post illustrates a win for community and agility, benefitting the Mojarra project.


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As you may have noticed, Oracle’s collaboration site is undergoing an infrastructure provider change.  More details on this can be found on Sonya Barry’s blog.  For Mojarra JSF, this transition is only partially complete.  I plan to publish a new entry (and update the Spec and Mojarra JSF FAQ files) when it’s all done describing everything you need to know to participate in the Mojarra JSF community, but you can consider this blog entry a preview.


Internet visible Hudson for Mojarra on GlassFish


First off, I am very happy to announce the existence of an externally visible Hudson job for Mojarra JSF 2.1.0 running on the very latest GlassFish 3.1 build.  This job is visible at <>. I’m very proud to report that the Mojarra community’s continuing dedication to test driven development has resulted in us having 1,876 tests at last count.  These tests use Cactus, JUnit, and HtmlUnit. The presence of this Hudson job will add another step to the responsibilities for comitters, which I learned from my days using Tinderbox as a developer on Netscape 6: don’t check in unless the Continuous Integration job is clean.


New Issuetracker Urls


The new features Mike Cannon-Brookes’s excellent JIRA issuetracking software.  In addition to being a dashingly handsome software professional, Mr. Cannon-Brookes has crafted the world’s premiere issue tracking software.  JIRA is a vast improvement over issuezilla. As before, we have separate issue trackers for the JavaServer Faces Specification and Oracle’s Mojarra JSF implementation.

JSF Spec Issuetracker
Mojarra JSF Implementation



Unfortunately, we cannot yet join the cool kids using git so we still use subversion.


The SVN url for the Mojarra HEAD, which implements the very latest version of the specification, is <>. Maybe we’ll get to git some day.




The Mojarra community is still alive and well.  There have been infrastructure changes, and there will be more (mailing lists, for example).  The FAQs will be updated when these changes are complete.


Technorati Tags:edburns

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