About three weeks ago, I called for the community to submit entries for a contest to design a logo for the JSF specification. Sixteen different individuals submitted 32 entries.  Thank you very much for contributing!


Per the recommendation of Arun Gupta and Imre Oßwald, I used a web voting platform to determine the winner, and here it is.


Official JSF Logo


I would have uploaded it to the Official Homepage of the JSF Specification, <http://jsf-spec.java.net/>, but this bug <http://kenai.com/jira/browse/KENAI-2654> is preventing me from doing so.


Many thanks to Wilber and all who submitted entries.  If Wilber wants to plug something, such his twitter account or blog, he can put a comment on this blog entry.  I'll be sending the book his way within the week.


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