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I'm trying to get the first snapshot of JSF 2.2 published and I've just scanned through the svn logs and arrived at the following text, from which I'll derive the "Changes between 2.1 and 2.2" content.


* Fix incorrect VDLDoc
  f:selectItems itemValue description incorrect.

* Remove maxlength from f:viewParam

* Additional clarification about binding attribute in VDLdocs

  Document that ui:fragment should not be bound to a bean with wider
  than request scope, document that the type of the property must extend
  from UIComponent.

* Wrapper for ActionListener

* Changes to "template" attribute requiredness for ui:decorate and

M       jsf-api/src/main/java/javax/faces/event/

- Mark this class as changed_modified_2_2

- Override isAppropriateListener so that it first asks the listener,
  "are you a ComponentSystemEventListener", then, if not, asks

M       jsf-api/src/main/java/javax/faces/event/

- Mark this class as changed_modified_2_2

- in isAppropriateListener(), document the default implementation.

M       jsf-api/src/main/java/javax/faces/component/

- Make inner class ComponentSystemEventListenerAdapter implement


        - getContentType()
        - getLibraryName()
      - getResourceName()
      - setContentType(String)
      - setLibraryName(String)
      - setResourceName(String)
      - getSessionMaxInactiveInterval()
      - isSecure()
      - setSessionMaxInactiveInterval()
      - setPartialRequest(boolean)


  Non-normative text about http methods.

* 12.1.3 add this text to the javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD spec.

When examining the value, the runtime must ignore the case.

* Add ExternalContext.getApplicationContextPath()

* restore
  ViewScope before templates are processed with buildView()

* Tweak circumstances for skipping intervening lifecycle phases in the
  case of view metadata

* - Section 2.2.1.  Now has this text.

  Otherwise, call getViewMetadata() on the ViewDeclarationLanguage
  instance. If the result is non-null, call createMetadataView() on the
  ViewMetadata instance. Call ViewMetadata.getViewParameters(). If the
  result is a non-empty Collection, do not call
  facesContext.renderResponse(). If the result is an empty collection,
  try to obtain the metadata facet of the UIViewRoot by asking the
  UIViewRoot for the facet named UIViewRoot.METADATA_FACET_NAME. This
  facet must exist. If the facet has no children, call
  facesContext.renderResponse(). Otherwise, none of the previous steps
  have yielded the discovery any of metadata, so call

* outputText and inputText do not render children by default

We're making some progress, but it's been challenging to balance operations issues with specification work.

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