People on the forums are working on some interesting stuff!

I've noted the traditional summer slowdown (with apologies to the Southern Hemisphere) before in this blog, typified by things like James Gosling's blognot updating for almost two months. But while some people are apparently taking the summer off, evidence abounds that there are outbursts of activity and creativity all around the Java community.

For example, consider today's Forums, in which we find developers working on barcode readers, speech recognition, and more. We start with akalos, who is apparently trying to do a speech-driven browser and needs to support HTML forms with a spoken interface, as explained in the post insert text in displayed page text field. "I am working on speech recognition field. i tried to navigate web with voice. i useorg.jdesktop.jdic.browser.WebBrowser as my web browser and control basic navigation like setURL(), back() and forward() with voice. it work just fine since i can directly control the function and pass the url. the problem is i also need to fill a textfield in the displayed page with voice. for example in, i need to fill the search texfield and doclick the search button."

On the ME side, jfallsen is trying to support Java-based barcode reading in using barcode reader on a PDA and have an application wake up and execute.. "I am trying to create a application which are to be running on a PDA and wakes up and execute when i use a barcode reader, similar to Push Registry which can execute an application on incoming connections. But i cannot use Push Registry through port connections only through web connections and i don't know if the barcode reader are to use USB port or bluetooth port yet. have you guys any suggestions what i can use in order to implement this, or have you any solutions to this problem? have J2ME any interfaces or services i can use in order to implement this?"

Finally, zjzzjc could use some guidance with a problem of invoking xjc in runtime. "I want to use xjc to compile schema to java source code in runtime. Now I am trying to use to invoke the xjc command. My problem is that after the application gets to that point,(after compiling the schema), the whole application breaks. How can I make the application keep running after that?"

The programming activity theme continues in today's Weblogs, as Kohsuke